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You guys. We are ONE DAY away from Friday!

That was my mantra today as I hopped on the metro in the wee hours of the morning to head downtown. The lovely people at the bar method invited me to try out a class — and since I’ve already TRX-ed and Body-Combated this past week, I figured I might as well keep the fun going.bar_method_dc_24The bar method has an awesome location. It’s walking distance from both the Chinatown and Metro Center metro stations.

The studio is well maintained, welcoming, and clean! Full locker rooms with showers (complete with towels, hair spray, shampoo, etc.) also make it a convenient place to work out. Each class costs about $20 (depending on your pricing package).bar_method_dc_26This was my second class in my barre career, so I knew a little bit about what I was getting myself into! A lot of targeted movements that look easy but actually are really, really hard.

We used small weights during some of the movements to up the difficulty level. It’s a weird workout to me — low intensity in terms of cardio, but high intensity in terms of… well, burn. No heavy lifting or impact, but a lot of tiny movements that reach deep into your muscles. bar_method_dc_7Barre classes seem more structured and formal — and, honestly, a bit less “fun” — than most fitness classes I’ve taken. On one hand, I appreciate the timeliness and focus of the class, but on the other hand, I love working out as a “release” of emotion and energy. So, depending on how you like to approach fitness, barre may or may not be for you. Given the number of women (about 17!)  in the 6 a.m. class, though, this workout clearly jives with many people.

Leah is actually a member of bar method, and was my professional photographer for the class :).bar_method_dc_9The hardest part of class for me was the thigh workout. Our instructor, Liz, had us on our tip-toes, doing mini-squats and lunches in sets of about 60. She kept a steady count the whole time and called out people by name — definitely pushing us!

My favorite aspect of the class was the amount of stretching incorporated between circuits, which helps prevent soreness and injury while also being a nice break :).

It’s hard for me to give bar method an unbiased score, since I’m definitely more of a loosey-goosey cardio-heavy type of exerciser — so with that being said, I think I’d give this workout an 8 out of 10. Not really my “style” of workout, but a good one nonetheless. The class was timely and challenging, the instructor was organized and pleasant, the studio was nice, and the class schedule and location of the studio are impressive. If barre is your thing (and if you can afford it, because it’s a bit expensive), I’d recommend this studio! And if you don’t know if barre is your thing, I’d suggest giving it a try.

Our instructor, me, and Leah!bar_method_dc_3Thanks, bar method, for starting off my day with a good, deep burn. I’m sure I’ll thank you even more when I can’t walk down the stairs tomorrow ;).

Let’s just make a healthy transition right into beer and empanadas, shall we?barcelona_bar_dcLast night my friend Jessie and I checked out Barcelona Wine Bar, one of the 1209381923810923810 new restaurants on 14th Street. It’s got the whole “rustic” vibe going on with exposed brick walls etc. More importantly, the empanadas were amazing.

We had a lot to catch up on, so I’m glad we snagged a seat!2-DSC03822I still have a lot of things to talk about — like the fact that I quit my job and am going to Vietnam in two days. Also, more importantly, I have to follow up on the mascara throw down from yesterday.

Good thing we’re one day away from Friday!

  • Have you ever done barre?
  • Empanadas: cheese? chicken? beef?
  • Have you ever taken a spontaneous vacation?

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  1. Never done barre, not a raging fan of empanadas, and I booked a trip to puerto rico a few years ago with some friends over happy hour at circa by foggy bottom.

    have a blast in Vietnam!

  2. I’ve never taken a barre class but imagine it’s like ballet since they use a barre. In which case it would be very difficult, but that barre room looks set up for a good nap. You’ve left this blog on quite a cliffhanger. WHAT IS HAPPENING?