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Friday! Let’s get to it because I have a big blog agenda today.

First, of course, a RUN.3-DSC03846With Anne!2-DSC03844

We covered four miles that were filled with fall. 1-DSC03843Since I am sore from my shoulders to my toes (thank you, body combat + barre), it was good to use my running muscles again. Running just makes me a happier person.

Now to the agenda:

1. Back to yesterday’s blurb about leaving my job and going to Asia (sorrynotsorry for the cliffhanger). Here’s the short version of the story. I’d been considering leaving my current editor position to pursue a new direction in the field; around the same time, and opportunity came up for me to travel with Anthony (and with Leah!) to Vietnam and Singapore. Anthony and I talked it over and decided that the timing was right. So, next week I’ll be blogging from the other side of the world! 1-DSC03834As for the when-I-get-back-what-will-I-do-with-my-life situation: I have a few potential writing/blogging/media options lined up and I also am planning on having more free time to dedicate toward my passion for froyo. We’ll see!

2. Something else I’ve been meaning to share: wedding photos! There are more to come, but for now you can check out this blog post from Nashville Weddings 101 that covers some of the fun :).ZephxuEvSb3-bIS2wH34VAEeSmVICSuxtXfbPyxxBVI-600x399

I can’t believe our wedding was featured on a blog other than my own! I sort of feel like a celeb.

3. Speaking of celebs, last night I got to hang out with some very swanky DC bloggers. The event was hosted by The Fashionably Broke and Ashley in DC, and mostly attended by lifestyle/fashion bloggers in the area. DC_Blogger_scene_42Some bloggers gave short talks on internet nerdy things — including a note on guest posting, from Liz of What Dress Code? !DC_Blogger_scene_9I tried to look trendy for the evening, and the blogger gods must have rewarded me. I won a raffle for a SweetGreen gift card and goodie bag! I quite enjoy their salads and am looking forward to maxing out my $50 gift card in less than one week.DC_Blogger_scene_840Hoorah for blogger meetups!

4. Which is why I’m helping Active Life DC plan the next blogger event, which is especially for health/fitness/food writers (and blog readers!)! You can register here. And also, remember that 5k fun run I did a while back, hosted by Grub for Good? They’re having another one on Saturday the 23rd. If you are interested, register here.

5. As if gifting Betty with beer wasn’t enough, someone decided to give her some glow sticks last night. ?!5-DSC03848She’s a rock star.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you from Asia!

  • When was the last time you were sore?
  • How long have you been at your job?
  • What are you MOST looking forward to this weekend?

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16 thoughts on “agenda items

  1. Wow. You’re so lucky to be able to travel and then “see where things take you”. I’m jealous! lol. I am slowly trying to get into the fitness industry. I just started personal training part time, and I’m trying to blog more, but it’s challenging with a full-time job in DC and a daughter.

    I am sore today from the legs workout I did yesterday:
    100 Squats. 90 walking lunges, 80 mountain climbers, 70 sumo squats, 60 calf raises, 50 glute bridges, 40 curtsy lunges, 30 step ups, 20 jump squats, 10 burpees……..you’re supposed to do it 2-3x through, not mad I didn’t have time. haha.

  2. How long will you be in Vietnam for? I’ll be doing the Angkor Wat half marathon on December 1st! Come join if you can! 😉 A vacation is not a vacation without a race involved. :)

  3. Mary the pictures of your wedding are gorgeous!!!! I hope you have such a great time in Asia! One of my GFs just did 6 months in Singapore and she loved it, complained about it being hot and muggy though so pack accordingly!
    I am crazy sore right now, running & NTC is kicking my butt. I have been at my job for 15 months. I am most looking forward to racing with friends on Sunday and hiking Old Rag on Monday!

  4. Hi Mary!

    It was so lovely to meet you last night! I really enjoyed chatting and now I can enjoy exploring your beautiful blog! You certainly have a new follower in me.

    While running isn’t my strongest suit, I love doing 5ks. They seem to be the perfect distance for me. If you’re going to do any once you get back from your (fantastic) trip, let me know. I’d love to join.

    Have a great trip!


    • great meeting you too! yes, i’m thinking of doing a 5k turkey trot on thanksgiving — i’ll let ya know!