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stuffed pepper soup, brought to you by Dulles airport

Hey there!

Thanks to the free internet at Dulles airport, me, Leah, and this woman looking at us from the seat behind us are able to provide you with a blog post this morning.
1-photoPretty soon, we’ll be on our way to Vietnam!

Since I was so busy with the agenda yesterday, I forgot to share a delicious soup with you. beef_red_pepper_soup_06This week’s dinner adventure was another Skinny Taste winner — stuffed pepper soup! I am half Czech, so this reminded me of the stuffed peppers my grandma used to make (but in soup form).beef_red_pepper_soup_10It was extremely easy to make and extremely delicious to eat. A rich tomatoey flavor with a touch of marjoram, a spice I never use but should more. I topped it with quinoa, which was a nice rice substitute.beef_red_pepper_soup_14Okay, time to go sit for 20+ hours! Good thing I got a final run this morning :)2-custis_trail_arlington_1Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “stuffed pepper soup, brought to you by Dulles airport

  1. The woman sitting behind you at the airport is hilarious. She’s hoping she’ll get to hang out with you two on the flight.