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pastries to pagodas

To continue yesterday’s story about the chicken: I ate it.Club de L'Oriental_hanoi_98101Leah and I joined some of Anthony’s coworkers for a Vietnamese feast at an intimate restaurant down the road called Club de L’Oriental.Club de L'Oriental_hanoi_01Freshest spring rolls I have ever eaten in my entire life:Club de L'Oriental_hanoi_001When we haven’t been eating, we’ve been exploring — with a couple fitness-focused breaks! Our hotel has a great and very green gym that lets me run. I hope the lady behind me is a blog reader. Great shot!1-DSC03865I also did a Nike Training Club workout. Even though I recently ran a marathon, I still opt for the “intermediate” workouts instead of advanced. They are so hard!2-DSC03855Another thing I love about our hotel: the breakfast buffet.6-DSC03861Even though my sleep patterns have adjusted pretty well to the 12-hour time difference, my appetite hasn’t! I’ve woken up STARVING every morning. Good thing there is an entire buffet table dedicated to pastries.7-DSC03862Now it’s time to explore again…hanoi_vietnam_073With my travel buddy!hanoi_vietnam_71See you tomorrow!hanoi_vietnam_075

  • Favorite breakfast pastry? muffin? scone? croissant?
  • Do you prefer to travel alone or with a group?
  • Do you work out when you’re on vacation?

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4 thoughts on “pastries to pagodas

  1. Scones are the best. Sweet or savory……YUM. I couldn’t be trusted in front of that buffet.

    I always try to get a few good runs in while I’m on vacation. It just makes me feel better. I don’t obsess about it like I do when I’m at home though.

    I am going to try that Nike App this week. I downloaded it last week and haven’t had a chance. I was thinking the same thing while I was looking at it though, “this intermediate workout looks pretty damn advanced”.

    • it’s great! takes up a lot of space, but worth it IMO. it’s good too, because i can use it here (where i don’t have cell reception/internet).

  2. I like traveling solo – it pushes me out of my comfort zone. I purchased my SE Asia tickets thinking I would go alone but later on two other friends (who I think will make good travel buddies) decided to come along. I NEED to be active on a vacation. The chicken looks delish! I’m curious to see if you get jet-lag back in DC. I do not adjust well when I’m back home and find myself wanting to sleep at 7pm and wake up at 4am!

    • i probably will! worth it. yes, i like a mix of “me time” as well as a good travel buddy, too. so far, it’s been perfect! have fun on your trip!