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day two: history, soup, motorbikes, puppets, tapas… and an unexpected nap

Morning! Here’s a Vietnamese iced coffee for you.hanoi_vietnam_DSC0059What are your plans for the day? I’m thinking of going out to buy a motorcycle.hanoi_vietnam_DSC0078I just don’t fit in here without one! Other than that, I’m basically a local by now ;).

Mary, Leah, and Anthony Go to Vietnam: Day Two started off at the Museum of Vietnam History, which was nice considering it cost $1 to get in…hanoi_vietnam_DSC0019but overall, just alright. Lots of artifacts, but not very interactive or explanatory.hanoi_vietnam_DSC0044This carving — “the god of many hands and eyes” was by far the coolest thing in the museum. It also haunted my dreams last night. Yikes.hanoi_vietnam_DSC0048The story of evolution, as told by 10-year-olds Mary and Leah.hanoi_vietnam_DSC0026hanoi_vietnam_DSC0029I am proud that I can run 26.2 miles straight, but will be even prouder to claim I ate pho for 12 days straight.hanoi_vietnam_DSC0056The sidewalks here are 90% occupied by motorbikes, 10% occupied by people!hanoi_vietnam_DSC0058Leah and I also saw a water puppet show. This art dates back to the 11th century! Unfortunately I dozed off toward the end because my body thought it was 2 a.m. :), but from what I remember it was a very unique experience.hanoi_vietnam_DSC0069Haven’t you always wanted to pose with a larger-than-life Vietnamese puppet man?11-_DSC0072I think I’m going to frame this one.hanoi_vietnam_DSC0074I know I’ve already overwhelmed you with photos, but you should stick around for dinner…hanoi_vietnam_DSC0088We had an awesome night at Quan An Ngon, which is Vietnamese for “this is the cheapest and best food you will ever eat.”hanoi_vietnam_DSC0105The restaurant occupies an old French mansion and was pouring with locals as well as tourists. hanoi_vietnam_DSC0084We ordered a bunch of plates to share around the table — Vietnamese tapas, I guess?hanoi_vietnam_DSC0105Our waitress hand-rolled some rice paper “pancakes” at our table. They were incredibly fresh and herby.hanoi_vietnam_DSC0100We finished off the meal with a variety of che drinks. These dessert-ish beverages are based on tapioca and coconut milk — ours had beans in them, too! It was weirdly good in a sweet-but-not-too-sweet way.hanoi_vietnam_DSC0106And now it’s time to embrace day three. Have a great one!

  • What’s your favorite dessert drink?
  • Do you prefer to share food when going out, or order your own?
  • Tell me about your run today!

2 thoughts on “day two: history, soup, motorbikes, puppets, tapas… and an unexpected nap

  1. I am so jealous of all the cultural awesomeness you are experiencing!! I like Irish Coffee for dessert / Frangelica. Today is a no running day. It is a good thing though because my hamstring doesn’t love me right now. Stupid knee.

  2. Oh wow the food just looks fantastic. And water puppets? That’s crazy but sounds fascinating. Sounds like you’re really experiencing the culture!
    My favourite dessert drink has to be a lovely thick chocolate milkshake…mmm.
    No running for me this week as I’m letting a knee niggle calm down. SO annoying and depressing :(