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island adventures + running in a toaster oven

Greetings from Bintan, a small island near Singapore! Anthony and I are here with Dave (Anthony’s best man from our wedding) — and Leah is still trekking along with us, too.5-DSC03873The story behind how and why we are here is a bit long — but we are very lucky and loving every second of it. Hanging out at the Banyan Tree Resort is pretty amazing.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time enjoying the view from our suite’s private pool…2-_DSC0467And when we’re not outside, we don’t mind hanging out in our ritzy rooms, either.1-_DSC0461Plenty of spots to lounge around our suite as well as throughout the resort. It’s impossible not to relax here!3-_DSC0468On Friday, we arrived just in time for an in-suite barbecue!2-_DSC0438The hotel staff here is above and beyond friendly, and presented us with lots of meats and fish for grilling. 3-_DSC0444Leah and I made sure the salads were in order… (ps — how cool is the cutlery here?! I love the swirly spoons!)1-_DSC0428While the guys grilled everything else to perfection.4-_DSC0453On Saturday, Leah and I made it out for an intense run around town.1-CAM00225Noon on the equator is beautiful, but also extremely hot. I felt like I was jogging in a toaster oven.2-CAM00227Manicures and massages made everything better!6-_DSC0402More time in the pool…4-_DSC0472And watching the sunset.5-_DSC0395Have a great weekend!

  • When was your last island vacation?
  • Ladies: do you grill, or does your husband/dad/boyfriend/manfriend grill?
  • Hottest place you’ve ever gone for a run?

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