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same old (awesome) stuff

Just because I am on a new continent doesn’t mean I’ve ditched my old ways. A run!1-DSC03881Anthony joined me for a few easy miles today. The streets here are pretty hot and humid, but joggable if you put your mind to it (and wear lots of sunscreen).2-DSC03888And if you stop to breathe/take silly photos along the way.1-CAM00244Continuing with my usual daily tasks: awesome salad.4-_DSC0014There might have been a drink or two…2-_DSC0005The whole crew!3-_DSC0006And here’s the big new thing: I tried to swim laps today. I think I drank half the pool through my nose and the other half through my eyes. Gulp.1-CAM00239I think I’ll stick to running from now on :)

Enjoy your routine today!

  • Do you tend to do the same stuff every day or is every day different?
  • What’s your favorite type of seafood?
  • Do you enjoy swimming laps?

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