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back in town + a 38-hour travel recap

I’m back! After 38 hours of airports and airplanes, a run this morning felt pretty good.1-DSC03919Anne and I covered a few easy miles and caught up on a bunch of things (including her recent marathon success!)1-DSC03920Just because I feel the need to share everything on the interwebs, here are some highlightsof Anthony and my Indonesia – Singapore – Vietnam – Korea – US journey from the past two days. It was pretty exhausting, but we made it home!

First up was a ferry ride from Bintan island (part of Indonesia) back to Singapore. I can get pretty seasick, so I’m glad this ride was only 45 minutes!01-DSC03893At this point Anthony and I parted ways with Leah and Dave, and spent our little layover in Singapore poking around hundreds of duty free stores…05-DSC03901Anyone wear Ralph Lauren Romance? I sprayed it all over myself and thought it smelled lovely.04-DSC03900Don’t worry, I found time for fitness too. Introducing the uShape, a high-tech balancing board that jiggles the fat right off! Who buys this stuff?06-DSC03903Another random thing about the Singapore airport: you can rate everything, even the toilets.02-DSC03897I know a lot of people think Subway is gross, but a plain old turkey sandwich tasted pretty good after 13 days of fried pork and soy sauce. The lady behind Anthony is so excited to be featured on the blog.03-DSC03898It’s a good thing we ate before the flight, because once I was on board I had to pass on the “seafood porridge.” It’s sort of a watery rice/shrimp combination that tastes like a foot. Paired with raw onions in soy sauce. 10-DSC03909Layover #2 lasted a good four hours. We spent it in the empty business lounge of Hanoi airport where our only company was a mountain of free bananas…07-DSC03906And the finale of Breaking Bad! That was intense.09-DSC03908I also tried my first Choco Pie, which is the Asian version of a MoonPie (or Mallowmar, for all of you northerners).08-DSC03907Is this recap boring you yet? If so, just imagine how painful it was to actually live it.

After our layover we hopped on our next flight to Korea, which departed around 11 p.m. We arrived around 5 a.m. and braced ourself for the longest, sleepiest layover ever.11-DSC03910I was seriously struggling to stay awake during the five-hour sitting session, but luckily The Book Thief kept my eyes (partially) open! Has anyone seen the movie of this book that recently came out?12-DSC03913And then we finally hopped on our last little flight which lasted… oh, say, THIRTEEN HOURS. I ate something that actually tasted pretty good (but maybe my taste buds had gone numb at this point).1-DSC03915We landed in DC sometime between midnight and noon. I have no idea. The past two days are a complete blur. Of course, our cab ride home featured 30 minutes of famous DC traffic! 2-DSC03916This long, boring story actually has a happy ending, guys. After I got home (and took a three-hour nap) I moved my legs again and went for a RUN OUTSIDE.1-photo (17)I was so grateful to be running outside on smooth sidewalks with traffic that follows rules. My Asian adventure was a lot of fun, but it’s good to be back home, too!

  • What’s the longest flight you’ve ever taken?
  • What perfume/cologne do you wear?
  • Does your town have lots of sidewalks?

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9 thoughts on “back in town + a 38-hour travel recap

  1. My longest flight was from San Francisco to Nagoya, Japan. It was 13 hours after a 6 hour flight from New York to San Francisco. I (not so luckily) only had about a 1.5 hour layover but had to go through security again in SF so I ended up almost missing the flight and had to sprint to the gate while they called my name over the loudspeaker in the airport. Not exactly how you want to begin a 13 hour flight, but I made it to Japan in the end (and watched 27 dresses in English, French, and Japanese)! Welcome back!!

  2. My longest flight was from LA to Aukland, but that was also after a 6 hour flight to the west coast. I’m gearing up for another long trip this weekend. DC to Entebbe on Sunday!

    • oh wow, entebbe! what are you doing there?! i went to uganda a couple years ago. i remember eating a lot of bananas and beans.