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wedding recap part I: girls’ & boys’ day

Over the next week or so, I’ll be going back in time to recap our wedding week. Since we recently received a batch of lovely photos from Ian Riley, our photographer, it’s time to share the whole story!

On the Thursday before our wedding, Anthony and I parted ways to spend some quality time with our gender-specific friends and family.

The girls kicked off the morning with a bit of pottery painting at Third Coast Clay in Franklin, Tennessee. (Back story is I love painting pottery/painting in general, especially with girlfriends.)third_coast_clay_nashville-001First we chose our colors…third_coast_clay_nashville-003And then painted away!third_coast_clay_nashville-004My mom claims that she is not responsible for my artistic side, but she is so wrong. :)third_coast_clay_nashville-002I ended up with quite a collection of pottery! third_coast_clay_nashville-005(And quite a bit of lingerie, which was also gifted during the event :) )

While we were painting, the boys were golfing!09-anthony-mary-wedding-009Pretty sure most of Anthony’s boy crew had limited experience on the greens, which I hear made for a fun event.06-anthony-mary-wedding-013You’ll have to ask my dad for details on how the outing went down, but I know they played some sort of “speed golf” game that emphasized fast swings and little strategy. 07-anthony-mary-wedding-012My man! (and my photographer, in the reflection of his sunglasses!)08-anthony-mary-wedding-010Back to the girls! We met up for dinner at Pub 5 in Nashville.pub_5_nashville-006Wine, salads, and french fries all around — topped off with a sparkly tiara. pub_5_nashville-007A last group photo before we headed out for more drinks + line dancing!pub_5_nashville-008Speaking of drinks, I’m pretty sure that was the main focus for the boys for the rest of the day. 01-anthony-mary-wedding-021They did some tasting and straight-up drinking at Corsair, an artisan distillery in Nashville.corsair_nashville-020Apparently the cigars also came out.corsair_nashville-017And my dad might have had one too many. 😉corsair_nashville-016What can I say. This family knows how to party.

Up next: Rehearsal dinner!


9 thoughts on “wedding recap part I: girls’ & boys’ day

  1. I’m a little jealous of the boys day. Why is Milad wearing that headband?!! Oy. Will we be eating off of the expertly painted pottery on Saturday?!