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two thoughts from my run + fun fajitas

(In case you missed yesterday afternoon’s wedding recap part I, check it out here!)

DC dwellers, please tell me you were awake at 6:50 a.m. Because you would have seen it!key_bridge_dc_sunrise_3One of the best sunrises I’ve seen lately. Now I have two questions for you:

To the other marathon crazies out there, a random question that popped up in my head during my run today: How many marathons do you typically run in a season? I typically stick to one (or zero). I have been injured three times — and each time has been because I tried to “tack on” a second marathon in one season. I know some runners, though, who can do three or more marathons only weeks apart!

Second random question: What running gloves do you wear? I am on the hunt for a nice, thick, warm pair of running gloves.

I think there was a third question, but I forgot it as I was soaking in all the glorious sun.10-photo_6Then, I ran right into this strange Australian man!11-photo_7Just one more thing about my run: I am being haunted by this donut truck.donut_truck_8Moving on from donuts to Mexican food…chicken_black_bean_fajitas_01We make fajitas all the time! On this occasion I took a step away from our usual recipe and marinated the chicken per Paula Deen’s recommendations. I also added some yellow squash to the pepper/onion/bean mix.chicken_black_bean_fajitas_009The true fun of fajitas lies in how you eat them. I attempted an oversized roll-up…chicken_black_bean_fajitas_016Whereas Anthony crafted Mexican mayhem on his plate.chicken_black_bean_fajitas_0017Married life is pretty exciting. Happy Friday!

  • Marathons per season/running glove recommendations?
  • Pizza or fajitas: fork and knife, or hand?
  • What are your plans for the weekend?

Of (blog-tastic) interest:

17 thoughts on “two thoughts from my run + fun fajitas

  1. I’ve never run more than 1 marathon per season because I seem to always end up injured. I’m planning to TRY to do 2 in the spring to BQ (but i’m actually injured now, so we’ll see about that ha)

    Hand pizza!

  2. I’ve not done two marathons in a season, but I’m new to marathons. Hoping to do two and a couple half marathons in 2014.

    I wear Nike gloves that I bought last year, can’t find a link to share them. They’re okay, I usually taken them off after about a mile when I’ve warmed up.

  3. I work with a girl who owns that truck! Well it is her family business. They park it in front of the CVS in Courthouse a few times a week over lunch too! THEY ARE SO GOOD. For my / a coworkers BDAY last year she brought a plate with 100 of the tiny donuts stacked up with candles. So yummy!

    I have never run a marathon but I’ve got nothing for you. Once I tackle mine in March I see myself screwing around doing a bunch of halves / shorter races in April – June, then I might consider training for another in the fall. But who knows, I may run one, and be like okay item checked OFF the bucket list and never do one again!

  4. I’ve never done multiple marathons in a season – I’ve done 3 with almost exactly a year in between each. But I actually do want to try running maybe 3 in the course of 2-3 months? My reasoning is that you’d have to train for the first, then that’s like a long training run for the 2nd, and just keep up the general fitness/sort of tapering again for the 2nd 3-4 weeks later, and same for the 3rd. It sounds good in my mind…might not feel so good when actually doing it.

    My winter running gloves are from Athleta. Sometimes if it’s really cold, I put one of the thinner cheap pairs underneath too.

  5. I was wondering about multiple races, as well – seems like you’d hardly have time to properly recover. I’d love to hear how people do that, even for shorter races.

    Gloves – I just have fleece gloves and my hands usually get pretty sweaty in them, which is not good in the cold. I would prefer a softshell type glove – check out gloves made for XC skiing, they would be better at that sort of thing. XC skiers get pretty hot. Swix and Craft would be brands to start with.

    Pizza – fork and knife, all the way. Sad, right?

  6. Good thoughts.

    When I do my next marathon it will probably be the only one that year. It takes about a month to fully recover from a maximum effort marathon, which is why the elites rarely do more than two a year. If your goal is to do the best you can at the event and you plan and train accordingly, 2 is about all you can realistically fit into a racing season.

    However, if you just love to run them, have at it 😉

  7. Hi Mary,
    I like to do two marathons per year (one in the Spring and one in the Fall) in order to mitigate the probability of getting injured and to give myself time to physically and psychologically recover after each race. Also, whenever I race I am going for a big PR and I suspect that with back-to-back races I would not have sufficient time to train and improve between the first and second race. That said I think that Boston 2 Big Sur would be pretty neat.


  8. So many things i could comment on….BEAUTIFUL sunrise, yummy donuts….tortillas!

    On to your questions, I love the asics mittens as they keep your fingers together so they do not go numb! I have really bad circulation and they help A LOT! http://www.runningwarehouse.com/Asics_All_In_One_Mitts/descpage-AAIOM.html

    As an elite athlete, my coach will only let me do one per year right now, as it is so hard on your body. But I think it depends just how hard you push your body, and just how hard you want to go. If you are prepared to not run as fast as you possibly could, then i think you can do multiple in a year, but if you really want to go after it….I think there has to be a big gap, like only 1-2 a year.

    Sorry to hear you have had so many setbacks recently :( Hopefully the future posts will be more positive :)

    • that is EXACTLY what i was looking for! thanks so much. i think i’m gonna buy em.
      ah, i haven’t been injured in a while! that was years ago :)

  9. I swear by the $0.99 CVS stretch gloves- wicking they are not, but they get me through to the point I want to take my gloves off anyway. And if I lose ’em along the way, no biggie!