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freezing run + friendsgiving fun

Nothing like a 25-degree run to wake you up!1-photoIt was fr-fr-freeezing this morning but the sight of another awesome sunrise helped get me out the door.fall_arlington_vaI’ve got a few days left of low-key post-marathon runs. Over the next two weeks I have two shorter races, and then I’ll finally settle into the “off” season — which, according to my coach, means lots of strength training and less running.

Having a diverse game plan for the next couple months helps keep me motivated and avoid the post-race blues.fall_arlington_vaMy favorite shoes + my favorite season.brooks_pureconnects_4Are you wondering what happened to the turkey?! Well, we cooked it! Here’s a recap of Friendsgiving III (and here’s a recap of Friendsgiving II).

We started prepping early. Meredith came in from New York to help make the stuffing… (ps my ridiculously fun apron/wedding gift is from sassyapron)1-_DSC0002And the pies!2-_DSC0005Anthony was the drink master. This year’s cocktail: a cranberry margarita, courtesy of Annie’s Eats!4-_DSC0010Friends (and more food!) started flowing in around 7 p.m., and then it was time for turkey-carvin’.5-_DSC0017A feast!6-_DSC0022We were pretty proud of our turkey this year, which we made “the Michigander way” as usual.7-_DSC0024Our friends brought everything from cranberry sauce to soda bread. I got first, seconds, and thirds of everything (and fourths of the mac ‘n’ cheese).9-2013-11-23The most important rule of a Friendsgiving party: Provide heavy-duty paper plates to maximize food pileups ;).8-_DSC0027Your hosts!1-_DSC0031After all that partying, we were ready for a Sunday that was 99% lazy, 1% non-lazy. Anthony took me to the gym for a CrossFit workout! It’s been a long time since I quit CrossFit, so it was fun/painful to get back into it… though as my smile and barely-weighted bar show, it was mostly just fun.1-attachments (35)Stay warm today!

  • What spices/techniques do you use to cook a turkey?
  • Are you going to go for a run on Thanksgiving?
  • How do you avoid the post-race blues?

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10 thoughts on “freezing run + friendsgiving fun

  1. Wow! Beautiful sunrise! I have a few days left of my post marathon recovery time before I begin to train again…..already looking forward to starting again :) Thanksgiving will be my first run I think :) Thanks for sharing, your pictures are adorable!

  2. I ran in the 20 degree frigid weather Sunday morning, but then went to spectate a race when it was 15 degrees warmer and could barely stand being outside! Good thing running warms you right up. :)