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slow-cooked oats + spinning at Stroga

(Yesterday’s afternoon wedding recap here!)

It’s another cold one out there — so here are some warm, creamy, slow-cooked apple oats for you!slow_cooker_steel_cut_apple_oatmeal_0024I’ve been wanting to try slow-cooked oatmeal for a while now (what? that’s not on your bucket list, too?), so I finally bit the bullet yesterday and bought a $4.00 can of real, true, steel-cut oats. I looked up this recipe last night, tossed everything in the slow cooker…

and voilá! Not only did we have a ready-made delicious breakfast waiting for us this morning, but the whole house also smells like autumn.slow_cooker_steel_cut_apple_oatmeal_0018Paired with some granola and peanut butter for extra oomph.slow_cooker_steel_cut_apple_oatmeal_0023And served with a big cup of coffee for extra-extra-extra oomph.slow_cooker_steel_cut_apple_oatmeal_0028This breakfast is definitely a keeper!

Remember how I fell in love with Stroga when I had a free class pack last year?

Well, the fit people at the studio recently invited me over for some more! They recommended I try the “cycling with weights” class last night, so I put it on the schedule.stroga_adams_morgan_dc_03949The class could hold up to 15 people (which is pretty small compared to other spinning studios I’ve seen) and had about 9 members present, which made for an intimate, casual atmosphere. Class started right on time, and the instructor Lisa revved up our heartbeats quickly!stroga_adams_morgan_dc_03956Like most spinning classes, the room got dark and the hip hop music got loud as we spun away. Unlike other classes I’ve been to, though, Stroga had a funky 1990s-like black light that made us glow :).

Lisa had us focus on lots of in/out transitions from the seat to standing, instead of doing the usual lineup of sprint and hill circuits. It definitely gave my legs a burn!

The real “spin” on this spinning class, though, is the incorporation of light upper body strengthening. stroga_adams_morgan_dc_03951Every one to two songs, we’d focus on doing seated arm movements with 3 lb. or 5 lb. weights. Since spinning tends to be pretty cardio- and legs-focused, I think this is a great way to get in a more well-rounded workout!

My only criticism of the class is that the routines were a bit difficult to follow at times, because the music was too loud to hear the instructor and/or the instructor didn’t announce the movements beforehand. Not that it was a big deal, of course — Lisa was very supportive during the 45-minute workout and asked us how we were doing after every song. AND she even agreed to take a sweaty photo with me afterwards.stroga_adams_morgan_dc_03954I don’t feel it’s fair to compare Stroga‘s cycling class to Off Road or Revolve spinning classes, because the latter two are strictly spinning studios with dedicated members and lots of resources. I do think it’s fair to compare Stroga’s spin class to Washington Sports Club’s spin class, though — and Stroga definitely wins. Less crowded, more fun, and a better workout. Overall, I’d give this class a 7/10!

And now it’s time to go back for coffee #2. Extra-extra-extra-extra-extra oomph?

  • In the 90s, did you have black lights? Glowing stick-on ceiling stars?
  • Do you belong to a sport-specific (yoga, spinning, barre, etc) studio, or a general gym?
  • Oats: hot water, microwave, stovetop, or slow cooker?

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4 thoughts on “slow-cooked oats + spinning at Stroga

  1. Sounds like an interesting class!
    I’m a microwave oat-er, but I’ve been wanting to try slow cooked oats for a while, so maybe I will finally make them!