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seasonal salad: warm butternut squash + parmesan

Since T-day is hours away, now is the perfect time for an autumn-inspired salad.autumn_squash_salad_0031I took a page from Ina Garden’s recipe book this week! Roasted butternut squash salad with warm cider vinaigrette (plus chicken).autumn_squash_salad_0033Cutting up a whole squash takes some serious dedication — my tip is to microwave the whole thing for about six minutes so it’s softer and easier to cut.autumn_squash_salad_0035The joy of this salad is its warmth. We heated up the chicken, squash, and dressing before tossing it on the lettuce.

It made a perfect post-run lunch on cold, wet day like yesterday: 1-DSC03957And it’s a good thing I have leftovers, because today’s forecast is pretty much the same. 1-photo_2Stay dry!

  • What are your thoughts on warm salads/cold soups?
  • Favorite Thanksgiving dish?
  • Do you buy pre-cut squash or cut it yourself?

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3 thoughts on “seasonal salad: warm butternut squash + parmesan

    • it was pretty fancy because i had to do a “reduction” on the stove, but other than that it was pretty easy. give it a try!