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a slice of Thanksgiving pizza

Hey there! Sorry for the delayed post today… Black Friday shopping sucked away hours of my life this morning. Anyways, did you have a good Thanksgiving?

Ours was a little non-traditional:piola_pizza_rosslyn_0055Since we cooked a turkey last week and were eating turkey soup for the past five days, Anthony and I decided to have a big ole pizza party for Thanksgiving instead. We headed to Piola, in Rosslyn — one of the few restaurants open in town!piola_pizza_rosslyn_0048We were surprised to see they offer whole wheat crusts and veggie-loaded pies, which we opted for to stay “healthy” this holiday.piola_pizza_rosslyn_0053Plus a lot of wine which is also “healthy.”3-2013-11-28But for real this time, we did do something healthy today. GYM!2-photoHave you ever done BodyPump? I used to do it back in the day and have had a painful reunion with it over the past couple weeks.body_pump_11Even though it makes me sore for days, I think Body Pump is my favorite type of weight lifting. Just in case anyone was wondering.

Time for more shopping! Enjoy your day off (or good luck to those who have to work :( )

  • Did you go shopping today? Online or in stores?
  • Have you ever done BodyPump?
  • Did you have a traditional or non-traditional Thanksgiving?

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2 thoughts on “a slice of Thanksgiving pizza

  1. My gym has Group Power which is from the company BTS. It is the same thing as Body Pump just a different provider then Les Mills. But I absolutely love it too! It always leaves me so energized and motivated. (Especially when you lift heavier then the instructor 😉