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long miles & a quick dinner

Happy weekend! Hope yours has been run-derful.5-DSC03966Anthony had the running crazies yesterday and opted in to join me for 10.5 wintery miles.3-DSC03963We did a classic loop I love: Arlington to Memorial Bridge to the Mall to Dupont to Georgetown to Key Bridge and back.2-DSC03962I used to do this route all the time when I lived in the city — in the reverse order of course :).

My favorite 0.5 mile part is definitely the Mt. Vernon bridge, which looks best in the warm tones of diva sunglasses.1-DSC03961It was a bit grey out…5-DSC03966But I busted out a new pair of HOT pink PureConnects to brighten things up!6-DSC03967All in all, it was a lovely run. Nice to stretch my legs out for some long miles — I think this might be the longest post-marathon run I’ve done?

I should really start separating my food and running thoughts into two different posts, because I always fail to find a natural segue…

So… fish?Roast Salmon_Sweet_Chipotle_Glaze_Hominy_Puree_0052We had a can of chipotles in adobe sauce and a can of hominy that were taking up precious cabinet space. Enter this recipe: roast salmon with sweet chipotle glaze and hominy puree. It uses them both!Roast Salmon_Sweet_Chipotle_Glaze_Hominy_Puree_0045The salmon had a smoky sweet, spicy flavor. The hominy was just okay — like the reviews of this recipe suggested, I added lime juice for some zest. Plus some simple pan-fried zucchinis on the side!Roast Salmon_Sweet_Chipotle_Glaze_Hominy_Puree_0052This meal was super quick and easy to make, but I wouldn’t rave about it. We give it an official Mary-and-Anthony-approved score of 7/10.

The long weekend, though, gets a 10/10. Hope you’re having a good one!

  • Favorite way to cook salmon?
  • Did you do a long run this weekend?
  • Do you wear sunglasses during winter runs?

3 thoughts on “long miles & a quick dinner

  1. I love going running when I’m in DC! I actually did something different for me – I ran this weekend too. In my sunglasses… but that’s mostly because I like to people watch while I run and don’t want to be busted staring. 😉

    • so funny you say that — i was telling anthony the same thing during our run! i love staring at people as i pass, haha