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double dates

Thanksgiving vacay has wound down, but the sun is up!memorial_bridge_sunrise_03981Anne and I met up for a seven-mile running date this morning. 2-DSC03982We were crushing it until the last mile, when we both started to fade — but pushed each other through! That’s why running buddies are the best ones.

Jefferson Memorial was looking great today.jefferson_memorial_sunrise_03984How was the rest of your weekend? Anthony and I closed off our little stay-cation with a date night.

First up, Del Frisco’s! We loved going to Del Frisco’s last time here in DC and also in Philly — so when we got a Del Frisco’s gift card for our wedding, we were pretty excited.

And double excited that we basically had the restaurant to ourselves last night. del_friscos_grille_dc_03980We kept it classic with a steak and pork chop (and okay… a bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese…). Everything was so rich and delicious.del_friscos_grille_dc__2And discovered a new favorite wine. What a fun bottle and yummy taste!oliverhill_winery_red_silk_03972After dinner, we headed to Ford’s Theater (with another awesome gift card in hand!) to see A Christmas Carol.5-photo_6The show was fantastic, and the theater cozy. We’re definitely ready for Christmas now!4-photo_4Have a great week!

  • Favorite Christmas carol?
  • Do you have a running buddy? How often do you run together?
  • Wine recommendations?


6 thoughts on “double dates

  1. Looks like a blast! I am jealous you had an empty city to yourself this week! I have lots of running buddies but I would say on the normal I buddy run only once a month : (

    • haha it was nice but also boring at times. but then again we had time to watch a million episodes of house of cards. looking forward to picking up the pace this week!

  2. If you ever get the chance, one of my favorite vineyards is about an hour and a little bit from Arlington out 66 to Linden, VA – it’s at the top of a small mountain (at about 3,000 feet). They have a great tasting room that is almost never packed and best of all? Yummy, yummy wine. And it is from Virginia. I know, crazy. Right? Fox Meadow Vineyards.