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wedding recap part III: a morning run & getting ready

Here’s Part III of our wedding recap! (Part I and Part II here)

On the day of your wedding, I’ve heard it’s “unlucky” to see each other before you walk down the aisle. But Anthony and I threw that rule out the window and laced up our running shoes instead.04-anthony-mary-wedding-045Because who doesn’t want to break a sweat before the big day begins?!

03-anthony-mary-wedding-044We donned our best faces and set out for an easy three miles ;).01-anthony-mary-wedding-042Even though the day of your wedding can be pretty hectic, I advise you to take some time and do something routine and relaxing — by yourself, with your friends, or with your soon-to-be-spouse! It was so nice to enjoy a simple and quite hour with Anthony before the party began.02-anthony-mary-wedding-043I must say my husband has an excellent foot strike.

After our little run, we parted ways. I joined the girls for some hair and makeup at Babe Beauty Bar in Nashville’s Hillsboro Village.07-anthony-mary-wedding-048My sister organized an awesome spread of sandwiches and champagne to keep us motivated!05-anthony-mary-wedding-046Meanwhile, the boys were having a few drinks too…16-anthony-mary-wedding-058And playing cards…17-anthony-mary-wedding-059And getting shaves!14-anthony-mary-wedding-056 The pros at Moose Lounge made the whole crew look handsome. Side note: face shaving looks scary. I’m glad I’m a girl.15-anthony-mary-wedding-057Back to the girls. We headed to the church to put on our party dresses!08-anthony-mary-wedding-049Anthony and I kept a pretty open wardrobe scheme for our wedding and allowed the bridal party to wear anything in the blue-purple-navy-grey category. I loved how everyone got to show their personality and style!

I also opted for less traditional, eclectic bouquets — that featured pins from my grandmothers’ brooch collections!13-anthony-mary-wedding-055My mom looked especially fabulous, thanks to the help of another great hair/makeup artist in Nashville (and more thanks to her natural beauty of course).12-anthony-mary-wedding-054I peeked out the door — just in time to see the boys start to arrive!

09-anthony-mary-wedding-051I had one of those smiley, teary moments at that point.10-anthony-mary-wedding-052Which is why it’s good to have Mom around for a hug.
Next up: the ceremony!

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