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November Project stair climbs & SweetGreen salads

Thousands of stairs climbed before 8 a.m.?november_project_DC_03997I’d say that’s a pretty good start to the day.

Anne and I joined in on The November Project bright (well, dark) and early this morning!november_project_DC_03988The Project started a few years ago and is basically a free, open, community-minded workout. It began in Boston (and was originally slated to only run in November, hence the name), but has spread over time and space since!november_project_DC_04003About 50-60 people showed up for a 60-minute workout. The routine:

1. Lots of stairsnovember_project_DC_039962. Lots of burpees and pushupsnovember_project_DC_03999My hamstrings were definitely hurting by the last round!

A decent workout that gets extra points for being 1) free and 2) extremely welcoming and supportive. If you’re looking to meet other crazy fitness people in the wee hours of the morning, you should definitely head to the Lincoln steps at 6:30s on Wednesdays. I’d give the November project a 6.5/10.

Our whole crew — in blurry beauty! It’s hard to find a good street photographer these days.november_project_DC_04005At least the random person who took this photo from last night had better skillz — he even managed to get the girl standing behind me to smile! 😉2-DSC03987The girl next to me, though, is Wave from the trendy Pich and Roor. After I won a giftcard to SweetGreen at the fashion bloggers event the other week, we decided to have a salad date! So good.sweetgreen_dupont_dc_03986My goals for the day: try and recreate this salad and take the elevator as much as possible.

  • When was the last time you did stairmaster/stair climbs/bleacher repeats?
  • Favorite SweetGreen salad?
  • What time do you usually work out?

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12 thoughts on “November Project stair climbs & SweetGreen salads

  1. Someone just started a Project November here in Baltimore (but they have to call it Project Mayhem until they have enough people consistently showing up to be allowed to call it Project November. So serious). Every Tuesday night I think about going and every Wednesday morning I remember my strong dislike for waking up early and working out in the morning. Maybe if the Baltimore workouts involved running around and saying hi to Abe I’d be more motivated to go.

  2. It sounds like DC has so many cool fitness things going on!
    The only stair “workout” I’ve ever done was two weeks ago when the parking garage elevator broke and I was on the 6th floor. …

    • haha those are the best ones! we have some series escalators here in the subway stations that i always try to walk up