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i wore a cape today

It’s a grey day, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a good day. Right?1-photo_2I did find a bit of color! Definitely the highlight of my run because the rest was pure hamstring pain. (Thanks, November Project.)2-photoIn other news, it’s warm out. I sported short sleeves today, and then felt sorry for this guy who was severely overdressed.3-photo_3Then I felt sorry for passing him. But apparently, he felt sorry for himself because he felt the need to sprint by me three minutes later. In return, I sprinted by him one last time. Girls rule, boys drool.

Back to today’s wardrobe, though. I was wearing long sleeves before I got too hot. The classic move at this point is to tie your jacket around your waist, but Miriam taught me that the “cape” tie is much better! 4-photo_4The cross-the-chest method is less bouncy and distracting. And plus you feel like a superhero.

Speaking of Miriam — that’s exactly who I saw last night! We met up at Gordon & Biersch, one of my favorite DC beer spots.gordon_biersch_dc_4006Miriam got a flight of mini beers — another fantastic idea.gordon_biersch_dc_4007Running buddies AND drinking buddies.3-DSC04008Stay bright today!

  • How do you tie/wrap a jacket around yourself?
  • Do you prefer wine or beer?
  • Have you ever tried hash running?

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4 thoughts on “i wore a cape today

  1. Aw, I love everything about this (except the sore hamstrings)! I’m glad the cape is working out for you. Also, I don’t know why I don’t comment more often since I always have comments! Meant to tell you last night (and now the picture reminded me): that is a GREAT necklace.

  2. I’ll have to try the cape! I get really annoyed by wrapping the extra shirt around my waist, so I usually hide it under a tree and hope no one steals it. Or I’ll wad it up in a ball and hold it.