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11 scenes from 11 miles

Some people say that running is boring and this is a post to prove them wrong. Here is a mile-by-mile recap of entertainment from this morning:

1. Another gorgeous sunrise (despite 25-mph winds and rain):01-photo2. Golden streets of Georgetown.02-photo_1
3. My old friend — the majestic National Cathedral.
04-photo_3The Cathedral climb is a great way to practice patience. A long, gradual hill that you just have to chip away at.Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 8.44.21 AMDoes the above elevation map remind you of Christmas tree?! Well, that’s #4.03-photo_25. Loads of lovely leaves.05-photo_56. These berry things which I thought looked so cool.13-photo (20)7. One of my favorite views in Rock Creek Park.06-photo_78. Plus deer!07-photo_89. Good ole’ Lincoln.08-photo_1010. Bird caught in mid-yawn.12-photo (17)11. Red flag against a grey sky.10-photo_12Bonus shot: Man running in a Santa hat.09-photo_11See?! That was fun.11-photo_13


You know what else is fun + entertaining?! Reading! Book club reunited last night to discuss our latest literary adventure: The Book Thief5-DSC04018I hosted the group last night and served up some salad, soup, and mini sandwiches.prosciutto_pesto_sandwich_04015We gave The Book Thief a final score of 6/10. Then we gossiped for about three hours. That’s what book clubs are for, right?1-DSC04011Happy Friday!!

  • Do you ever get bored when running?
  • Last book you read?
  • Last wild animal you spotted?

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9 thoughts on “11 scenes from 11 miles

  1. Great post! DC is a lovely city and a wonderful place to run. Thanks for the beautiful reminder of how lucky DC residents are to be able to do this every day.

  2. Aw, I loved The Book Thief!

    Beautiful pictures from your run. I think that’s the best part of long runs – you aren’t driving 45 mph, so you can slow down and really enjoy the scenery. You tend to notice details that you miss otherwise.

  3. The last wild animal I saw was a bunny, which is pretty normal around here, but a couple days before that I saw a bat! Totally surprised me.
    No I never get bored I runs!