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a weekend of races

What a weekend! Mine has been full of freezing race fun… which started at 4:45 a.m. on Saturday.dc_road_runners_04025-001I joined the DC Road Runners crew to help set up the Arthritis Foundation’s Jingle Bell 5k race.

Despite being half-frozen and half-asleep, I was really excited to learn more about how the timing mats and race logistics work.dc_road_runners_04024-001I even got to press some Chronotrack buttons! One more item checked off the bucket list.dc_road_runners_4026-001After the sun rose and runners started arriving, I helped man the day-of registration line. We had about 700 runners total… plus hundreds of dogs and babies :)1-photo_2It was super inspiring to watch all the runners get ready for the race. The energy was contagious!

I hung around and danced to the race music as the first finishers crossed the line. They were speedy!dc_road_runners_04028-001I had an awesome time helping out with this race and seeing the “other side” of race day. BUT I have to say I was pretty excited to head home to a warm apartment afterwards. All I could think about were pancakes…

So a triple-stack it was.7-DSC04032-001I finally emerged from my pancake coma, just in time for race #2! This time I got to run it, not regulate it!

Anne and I joined her friend Karen for a snowy, cold, windy 8k this morning. It was 30 degrees out. We are crazy.pacers_jingle_8k_dc_04041-001

The below-freezing temperatures and snowy downfalls were definitely de-motivating during the wait for the start. Even though I got to sport my wonderful candy cane socks, I was seriously regretting signing up for the race. I am not made for winter.

There was a lot of bobbing and jumping to stay warm…pacers_jingle_8k_dc_04037-001And then we took off! I’ve never been so glad to start moving. Once the miles began flowing, my blood did too. And then I was happy, which showed in my race pace!

Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 11.56.07 AM

My official time was 35:09, which is more than a minute faster than my 5-miler the other week! For such a short distance, the difference is actually pretty significant. Yay — thanks coach!

Hot cider at the finish line = best thing ever.pacers_jingle_8k_dc_04042-001Thumbs up for this race! I had a great time (after I stopped whining about the cold) and enjoyed the flat route.pacers_jingle_8k_dc_3-photo_1

I plan to sit on the couch for the rest of the day… in my Santa socks.

  • Did you race this weekend? How did you do?
  • Have you ever helped coordinate/manage a race?
  • What’s your favorite holiday clothing item?


7 thoughts on “a weekend of races

  1. Nice job!! I ran the 8k with some friends and loved all the costumes! There was a guy running who was blasting music and I managed to get a good chunk of folks singing maria careys version of all I want for Christmas is you!