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SweetGreen & sweet scones

Morning! No sunrise photos for you today because I’m just sitting around dunking scones into coffee (recipe to follow)…pumpkin_snickerdoodle_scone_P1010586But first, have I told you how much I love SweetGreen? (Answer: Yes. Here and here and here)sweetgreen_DC_04068Not only are their salads fantastic, but their community-focused work is really impressive — I’m mostly talking about the free Passport fitness classes, of course.

So when they asked me to be part of a SweetGreen customer panel, I was all over it! Last night I joined a handful of other SweetGreen-ers in line for a sweet pick of our choice:sweetgreen_DC_04069I went with the kale caesar per a recommendation (hi, Lauren!). What really sold me on this salad is the freshly shaved parmesan.sweetgreen_DC04070Tada!sweetgreen_DC04072Crunchy, creamy, and healthy too. What more could you want from a salad?sweetgreen_DC_04071Actually, that question was asked by our panel hosts, who worked for a third-party branding company hired by SweetGreen.1-DSC04074They had us answer some really interesting questions about ourselves — like what book or movie character we’d be most like, and what the last concert we saw was.sweetgreen_DC_1They also had us imagine we were the president of SweetGreen, and list things we would change; or imagine SweetGreen was a person, and describe his/her personality traits. It was pretty fun to think so creatively! The experience inspired my questions of the day, so be sure to answer them :) Thanks, SweetGreen! It’s pretty awesome that you care about your customers so much.

Now — back to the scones.pumpkin_snickerdoodle_scone_P1010580Anthony has been out of town for the last week, so I turned to sugar and butter for company. In the form of pumpkin snickerdoodle scones (recipe here).pumpkin_snickerdoodle_scone_P1010591The most crucial part of the recipe comes in its last line: “Scones best eaten the same day.”

I think I can do that.

  • If you could change one thing about this blog, what would it be?
  • What was the last concert you saw?
  • If you were a book/movie character, who would you be?

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8 thoughts on “SweetGreen & sweet scones

  1. I like your nail polish! :) Last concert (that I remember, I don’t go to them too much, would rather spend $$ on sport tix) – would be Snow Patrol?

  2. I think your blog is pretty awesome but I think it would be nice if you could include more reviews on your favorite running clothes and products and that type of thing. (I love hearing about that type of stuff though so that could just be my thing). Let’s see, I saw Luke Bryan last in concert!!!! >Amazing. If I was a book/movie character, I would definitely be Elizabeth Bennet. I’ve taken multiple quizzes as to which Jane Austin character I would be and I am always Lizzie! Now, if I can just find my Mr. Darcy! :)

  3. Thanks for the shoutout! I figured out that I had visited your blog before bc I religiously read Anne’s blog – no wonder!