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shivering run + squash curry

28 degrees with 12-mile winds? Well, at least the sun was out.1-photoA freezing fartlek run this morning. I know, what a silly name. Suggested fartlek workouts: here, here, and here.

I also got in some cross training: ice skating!2-photo_2Morning sights like this make me feel like I can do anything. You know?3-photo_3Anything — like cook up a curry storm, for example.butternut_squash_curry_1010571Kath featured a (free!) butternut squash curry recipe from Cook Smarts on her blog the other day, which I happened to come across right as I was making my grocery list…

So, curry it was!butternut_squash_curry_1010578I more or less stuck to the recipe — but tossed in some carrots and chicken, too. And more spices for some kick (cayenne, curry powder, and ginger).butternut_squash_curry_1010573I give this one an 8/10. Yum!

That’s all I’ve got today. Have a good one!

  • Last new recipe you tried?
  • Ice skating: yay or nay?
  • What’s your favorite fartlek workout?

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2 thoughts on “shivering run + squash curry

  1. Last recipe I made was a Greek Mediterranean pasta that was amazing! I would love to go ice skating. That sunset is gorgeous,