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2013 running review

Hi there! Happy Friday! An egg sandwich for you:egg_sandwich_0136(Okay, it’s actually for me…) Egg, cheddar, and raspberry jam. I know that sounds weird, but I promise it’s good in a sweet/salty way.egg_sandwich_0134Anthony has been out of town for the past week, so I was pretty pumped to have my gym buddy/husband back today! Look at him go.3-attachments (47)I hung out with more fit people last night, too! Active Life DC and I hosted quite a party for some other local bloggers!DC_fitness_bloggers_04077Faces you might recognize: The Curvy Road Runner, FroBunni, Cakehole ManagementMOARfitFannetastic Food, Food & Fitness, and Hannah in DC! We had an awesome time chatting blogging, fitness, and DC.

I came across this Year of Running:2013 questionnaire over at Miss Zippy and thought it’d be fun to do — but only if you guys tell me your answers, too!

  • “Best race experience?” Probably the Marine Corps Marathon, when I finally got over my 3:35 slump!marine_corps_marathon_2013_2
  • “Best run?” The exhausted but exciting run I went on with Anthony through Baltimore — the morning after we got engaged!
  • “Best new piece of gear?” It’s no secret that I love Balega socks, so I was pretty excited to get about six pairs on my birthday.
  • “Best piece of running advice you received?” My coach: “Running is a very simple sport.” (aka, don’t overthink it)
  • “Most inspirational runner?” Leah and Miriam, who wake up at 5 a.m. to run with me!leah_miriam_981
  • “If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?” Learned a lot and loved the track.

Now, your turn!

  • Best race experience?
  • Best run?
  • New piece of gear?
  • Best advice?
  • Inspirational runner?
  • 2013 running in a few words?

19 thoughts on “2013 running review

  1. It was great seeing you last night! Thanks for helping Troy set it up : )
    Best race experience – Jingle All The Way 8k, there was singing!
    Best run – My first run back after surgery, 3 miles!
    New piece of gear – Love my new Glycerins!
    Best advice – Listen to your body.
    Inspirational runner – My boss as work is training for a half marathon and has lost over 100lbs in the last 2 years!
    2013 running in a few words – It was a comeback for the ages : )

  2. I love how you had a post-engagement run with your new fiancé! Very sweet and oh-so-memorable. I also love a new pair of socks and have never heard of the ones you mentioned. I’ll be checking them out ASAP!! Love the link-up with Miss Zippy :-)

  3. Best race experience? Probably running a 5k with my sisters! So much fun!
    Best run? 6 miles that I ran in Chicago when there visiting family in the summer! It was gorgeous that day and I felt like I could run forever!
    New piece of gear? New Balance tech shirt
    Best advice? Don’t be afraid to start slow. Work at interval training instead of trying to go all out!
    Inspirational runner? Kara Goucher!!
    2013 running in a few words? Overcame a labral hip tear, ran pr 5k and started training for my first half!

    • If you don’t mind me being nosy, how did you overcome a labral hip tear? I’ve been having some reoccurring hip pain the last 6 months or so and my uncle who is in orthopedics said the kind of pain I’m experiencing sounds like a labral hip tear. I keep putting off going to see an actual doctor about it though and I was wondering what the process was like for you!

  4. Love that you got engaged on a run (and in Baltimore, too!). Congrats. And congrats on your MCM and breaking through a barrier. I’d say you have loads of great runs in store for you in 2014!

    Thanks for joining in.

  5. Best race experience?
    Wilson Bridge Half – I PR’D and had a blast!
    Best run?
    When I hot my first sub 30 minute 5k!
    New piece of gear?
    Sparkly Soul Inc Headbands!
    Best advice?
    Forget Pace, you are competing with yourself, not the runner next to you.
    Inspirational runner?
    I have been inspired by you, Mary, this year with all of the amazing strides you’ve made. I am also inspired by my friend Dani who continues to act like a rock star with her running and her life.
    2013 running in a few words?
    The less I think about it, the farther I can go.