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cheap sandwiches and a long run

Happy weekend!

Anthony and I are enjoying a 45-minute delay here at BWI airport by eating our middle school lunches…yum_sandwich_04092I hate wasting money on bad airport grub, so I always take an extra suitcase full of food.

Full of food (and drink) was the theme of last night, when we met up with some friends for a double date with DC restaurants. Up first: Ghibellina, a hip new Italian place near Logan Circle.ghiabellina_dc_04079-001My friend Jessie and I both had amazing cocktails (which everyone else was drinking, too) — I think it was called the San Giovani, but my memory started fading fast after a few sips.ghiabellina_dc_04080-001Anthony (who joined us later) and I really liked Ghibellina — and will definitely be back!

Next up was an old favorite: Southern Hospitality. We’ve been here a billion times before and it never lets us down. Veggie burger, fries, and a fun group of friends.southern_hospitality_dc_SC04082-001Memory was completely gone at this point, so no more photos followed. :(

BUT I got out the old camera for our run this morning!2-DSC04086Anthony and I did one of my favorite 11-mile loops, which includes the Cathedral Climb. national_cathedral_dc_04085After a grueling uphill, you get a joyous downhill and views of the water.1-DSC04089It felt good to have a nice, long goodbye to my DC streets! Apparently my memory and entire being is still blurry…3-DSC04090Have a good weekend, and see you from Nashville!

  • What was your run like this weekend?
  • Airport food: buy it or boycott it?
  • When/where is your next trip?

8 thoughts on “cheap sandwiches and a long run

  1. Haha I am exactly the same with airports….always pack a ton of food to eat! Glad I am not the only one….although people eating their airport food always make me jealous….but I know I am saving money, and eating better!!

    Nashville will be exciting! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. I’m running 8 miles tomorrow! I hate buying airport food but me and my sister were in LAX one time and we were both starving and jet-lagged after a long trip out of the country and we broke down and bought sandwiches, naked smoothies and chips. It was 30 dollars for both of us!!! I will always be bringing food to airports from now on!