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Happy Monday!1-DSC04099And happy run-day.3-DSC04106Anthony and I tackled a cold but refreshing seven miles this morning, along some of my favorite trails in Brentwood (Tennessee). Best part: this tunnel!2-DSC04102Actually the best part was coming home, taking a hot shower, and putting sweatpants on. Brrrrrr!

We landed in Nashville on Saturday night and came home to a family feast. My grandmothers both used to make chicken paprikash, a Hungarian stew that looks weird but tastes GOOD. It’s got a lot of paprika (hence the name).1-_DSC0143My mom’s mom was also known for her Czech “cucumber salad,” which is basically just cucumbers, white vinegar, and sugar.2-_DSC0145Anthony had never tried or heard of either of these dishes, so it was fun to introduce him to some Doman family history.

The family fun continued yesterday with a trip to the Darkhorse Theater for A Christmas Story.1-photo_3The show was put on by “SistaStyle Productions” and had quite a lot of style to it, for sure. We loved it!1-CAM00273Fun but random — my favorite type of outing.

Stay warm out there!

  • What was your run like today?
  • Do you like running in winter or summer better?
  • Have you ever acted in a play?

And some announcements:

  • Roam Fitness is having some fun Christmas runs this week! Meet at the Glover Park location at 6:30 tonight for a Zoo Lights run; or meet Wednesday night (6:30) at Dupont for a National Mall Christmas tree run!
  • Aaaand make sure to stop by Zengo Cycle in Logan Circle this Wednesday from 6-9 p.m. for free mini rides, giveaways, and SweetGreen fuel!

4 thoughts on “fun & random

  1. When I lived in DC the USO gave us free tickets to A Christmas Carol that was updated to current times. But all the actors were homeless. It was amazing! I can’t remember the theater though. It was in the round and the sets would change by elevators in the floor. It was a great experience!

  2. I love fun tunnels! I don’t love that my watch goes wonky though, I went through a supppper long one yesterday. No run for me today, doing a 90 min hot yoga class tonight though!

  3. Looks like such a pretty run! I worked out inside today because our roads are really bad/snowy right now. So I pick summer running! Remind me of that when it’s 90 degrees with 100% humidity.

  4. Looks like such a gorgeous run! It’s pretty here too and warm today!! Today’s a recovery day for me. Ran 8 miles yesterday and my right hip is feeling just a little twinge, like right below the hip bone. I’m icing it like crazy to be on safe side! Oh, I like running in summer way better!!!