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lots of lifting, lots of asparagus

Good morning! No workout photos for you yet because I’m still sore from yesterday’s heavy lifting training.2-DSC04114Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? Yesterday we decorated ours…3-2013-12-16My favorite ornament:1-DSC04108Other wonderful things that have been happening around my household: chicken, orzo, and asparagus.grilled_chicken_0012My mom makes this awesome blueberry ginger chicken recipe almost every time I come home. It’s a hit!grilled_chicken_0017And just because: here are five surprising healthy facts about asparagus. Loading up on my glutathione!aspargus_0013Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  • Do you shop mostly online or in-store?
  • Favorite vegetable?
  • What’s your workout today?

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2 thoughts on “lots of lifting, lots of asparagus

  1. I usually do the majority of my shopping in stores…mostly because I wait too long to start, so my gifts wouldn’t be shipped in time.

    And random: you look just like your dad in that picture of him!!