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Morning! No running for me today — which is great timing given these grey skies.4-_DSC0102But here’s some run-spiration anyways: a fuel giveaway! The Honey Stinger team wants to fuel your holiday fitness by letting me treat two lucky readers to some all-natural fitness-focused snacks and fuel.honey_stinger_0097Honey Stinger’s products are completely (or in some cases, almost completely) organic. Their main ingredient for energy: natural honey, obviously.honey_stinger_0098I’m particularly fond of the “energy waffle,” which is a happy medium between a gooey gel and a hefty bar. It’s light enough to digest easily, but hearty enough when you’re actually hungry on the run :)honey_stinger_0099I’m giving out two sample packs, each of which has organic Stinger waffles (plus kids’ waffles!), organic energy chews, energy bars, and protein bars! To enter, leave a comment below about your favorite running fuel. I’ll pick a winner on Monday.

Happy Friday!

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42 thoughts on “honey stinger fuel giveaway

  1. The waffles are probably my favorite too! I really like shot bloks as well. But you’re right, if you want something slightly more like food the waffles are so good!

  2. Funnily enough I use Honey Stinger chews for my run fuel. I especially love the Cherry Blossom flavor & those waffles are delicious but I’ve never tried to eat them during a long run.

  3. Salted Carmel or Peppermint Stick Gu are great! I’d love to try Honey Stinger. I really enjoy your blog!

  4. I am one of those lucky people that can tolerate/like almost all kinds of running fuels, but I do really like the waffles!!!!

  5. My favorite running fuel is regular waffles, with syrup and blueberries. But those do tend to get messy in my jersey. My second favorite running fuel is tequila!

  6. I’m a big fan of Honey Stinger. My favorite is the plain (Honey) waffle but I’ve never eaten one on the run, only before and after.

  7. I’m a long-time fan of Honey Stinger! I have used the chews for a long time and just recently discovered the waffles. Yum!

  8. I used to always use Gu, but found that simple raisins work just as well and don’t give me an upset stomach. On really long runs I sometimes even take half of a pb&j.

  9. I usually eat GU chomps while waiting in the corrals before a race. During a long run, my go to is the chocolate GU. GU texture is weird to me but I can handle the chocolate flavor, it makes me think I’m eating icing… so good!

  10. I’ve never tried honey stinger waffles before but they look amazing! I love the shot blocks, they are my favorite and perfect for long runs!

  11. I love red and yellow flavors of Gatorade. Not really a gel/chew kind of runner, but I’m willing to try anything to get me through my first marathon in January!

  12. The honey stinger gels were the first fuel I ever tried and I think they are my favorite! Would love the sample pack to help fuel my half marathon training this spring! :)

  13. I have yet to find some fuel from Pacers, that agrees with my stomach. So fair, gummy fruit snacks work! I’d love to try the though!!!

  14. I love the waffle before or after a run. I use honeystinger chews during my long runs! yum!!! i would like to try the lemon lime with caffeine tho…

  15. Ahhh honey stinger peanut butter and honey energy bars <3 <3 (honorable mention to blueberry buzz and the pink lemonade chews)

  16. Hi, I just discovered your blog recently via Fannetastic Food. I like Clif margarita shot bloks and plain gu, but I’ve been wanting to try honey stingers for awhile!

  17. I am not picky but lately ive been going with the cliff shot gels. Ill do raisins or candy or anything else I can find though!

  18. Favorite running fuel is Clif Bar (shot blocks and the originals!) as well as NuuN tablets in my water. I am a big believer that this combo got me through the marathon!!
    would LOVE to try stinger fuel!! a lot of the bikers i ride with love them!

  19. I love Clif shot blocks and Jelly Belly sports beans. I tried a Honey Stinger protein bar the other day (which wasn’t awesome – what protein bars are), but I’d love to try some of their running fuel options!

  20. My favorite is Hammer Gel Apple Cinnamon. It tastes just like apple pie filling! I would love to try the lemon Honey Stinger waffles!

  21. I wanted my favorite running fuel to be sour peach rings, but they made me sick. Saaaaad daaaay.

    Right now, I’m using energy beans before the run, and chocolate (YES) hammer gel during, but I’d like to move away from processed sugars and artificial ingredients. Too bad I bought the previous two items in bulk. :)