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puddle run + puckett’s

Happy Monday!4-DSC04162A warm front hit our town over the weekend — so Anthony and I celebrated with a 10.5-mile run. Why not?5-DSC04165There were a fair few puddles which added some variety to our jog…2-DSC04154We spent most of our miles exploring Brentwood’s trail system, which grows bigger every time I visit!

Anthony and I even wore matching shirts for the outing because we are a TEAM.6-DSC04169He still won’t buy matching highlighter-pink shoes, though.3-DSC04159Ta-da!7-DSC04170It felt good to knock out my last long run for the next couple weeks. Our pace was a bit slower than usual because we’ve spent seven days eating fried food, booze, and ice cream, which leads me to the next part of this post: Puckett’spucketts_franklin_0103This “grocery store”/restaurant is a pretty popular spot in Franklin, so we had to check it out.pucketts_franklin_0105Fried green tomatoes:pucketts_franklin_0115Super-duper-duper spicy wings:pucketts_franklin_01177-_DSC0118I got blackened chicken (covered in three inches of cheese) — it was good!pucketts_franklin_0123Anthony went all out with a filet — topped with fried onions, and served with bacon-wrapped asparagus in true Southern style.pucketts_franklin_0121When we finished, the band came out to play!pucketts_franklin_0126We are turning into real Tennesseans.4-_DSC0109And now we’re off to the gym! Have a great day!

  • Are you from the South? Ever visited the South?
  • Do you try to stick to a certain pace for your long runs?
  • Are you home for the holiday?

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7 thoughts on “puddle run + puckett’s

  1. You’re posts make me want to visit Nashville! Marathon training started up again and because of your posts on having a running coach – I bit the bullet and found one through Anne! Can I say, it’s so AWESOME just running and having someone provide feedback and advice?

  2. I am most definitely a southern girl- born and bred! My mama taught me how to bake pies, fry chicken ( and green tomatoes!) and make chocolate gravy and biscuits. That restaurant looks great! For my long runs, I usually try to stick to around a 11:00 pace. I’m definitely not fast! Yesterday I did 9 miles! The farthest I’ve ever ran!! :)

    • that’s the spirit! i wasn’t technically born in tennessee, but my family moved here when i was 1 year old. congrats on your big run!