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On the eve of Christmas, I’m giving you an early gift: lots and lots of intense workout recaps.

First: yoga.6-DSC04150Anthony and I headed to yogadownload.com for a $2 class. Doesn’t get better than that!7-DSC04151Qi yoga flow was actually a really challenging yet doable routine — except for this little series that involved bending your entire body backwards, upside down, and sideways while on one foot. I opted to sit Indian style and take a photo of the screen instead.5-DSC04149Other workouts of late include climbing the Empire State Building.photo_2I introduced Anthony to the Stairmaster for the first time ever! This little machine is quite powerful.photo_1Next workout: BOWLING.photo_4The little ones worked on their strike…2-_DSC0088While my dad perfected his between-the-legs approach.3-_DSC0104The crew:4-2013-12-23(Minus my sister-in-law who had to come late… Jess, I’m coming after you for a goofy photo today.)

Fuel!1-_DSC0030You’d think we’d be sore from all this intense exercise, but we weren’t. We went to Costco for heavy lifting.4-DSC04133Cupcakes bigger than your entire being.1-DSC04128No, this isn’t me showing off my wedding ring or polka-dot nails. It’s me showing off this Brie bigger than my hand.2-DSC04130This is what cereal heaven looks like.3-DSC04131

No better way to finish off the most random post ever than with an overdose of butter.photo_3Have a very merry Christmas!!

  • What was the last item you bought in bulk?
  • Last time you went bowling?
  • Longest you’ve ever climbed on the Stairmaster?

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