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Christmas recap

Merry Christmas!IMG_1898I hope yours has been full of fun. Here in Tennessee, we’ve been up to the usual. A little running…IMG_1899And a lot of eating!


We had feasts on Christmas eve and Christmas day. I was in charge of salads for both occasions! First, a date, parmesan, almond, and celery creation inspired by this recipe.11-_DSC0179Second, an apple-amazing salad that was based on this recipe!_DSC0019Anthony, of course, was master mixologist — our cranaritas made a repeat appearance!05-_DSC0158Even Grandma tossed a few back.08-_DSC0163Christmas dinner ready to go:_DSC0014Plus festive crowns for everyone to wear during the meal :)_DSC0025_DSC0027-001_DSC0026-001_DSC0024And don’t forget the PRESENTS!10-_DSC0205My niece got her very first pair of Nike Tempo shorts — gifted by the best aunt in the world ;)._DSC0001

My brother, my sister, our spouses, and two tykes (plus a baby on the way!). A family friend dressed up as Santa and came to our house just for the occasion!san Happy holidays!

  • How did you spend Christmas?
  • Did you get any presents?
  • What’s your running forecast?


5 thoughts on “Christmas recap

  1. Christmas Crackers! I thought we were the only family that did that.
    No running for me right now – arm surgery on Monday = walking (sigh) on the treadmill, plus armless elliptical work. Sooo looking forward to 2 weeks from now, when I’ll be back to running! Love your blog. :)

    • oh thank you! best of luck with the surgery — hang in there! yeah my family loves the christmas crackers. i think we do them on new years, too!