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biscuits, cupcakes, driveway workouts, and seven santas

Nothing like a big ole’ pan of biscuits to kick off a Friday…biscuits_0070With gravy and a runny egg :).biscuits_gravy_0074Our latest workout is an Anthony Lambkin special: the 25-minute break-a-sweat-in-your-own-driveway circuit! No equipment required (though a mat and jump rope help).DSC04173The lineup: 50 seconds of push ups, jump rope (or jumping jacks), mountain climbers, squats, and sprinting, with 10 seconds of rest between each. The note above says repeat four times… but we went for a bonus round five!

When I was in elementary school I actually belonged to a jump rope club where I could even do double dutch. I think my skillz have faded but it’s still fun to try…2013-12-27In other news, yesterday was a special someone’s birthday!birthday_cupcakes_0035My niece is now THREE years old. In her ancient wisdom she has learned to appreciate the beauty of Funfetti._DSC0042 She’s also taught her little bro to cherish the cupcake too._DSC0054The other big news: Anthony and I finished it!! One thousand pieces. christmas_puzzle_0066This puzzle had seven Santa Clauses to piece together. christmas_puzzleAnd for some reason we are considering starting another puzzle.

  • Favorite kind of puzzle?
  • Do you do workouts at home or at the gym?
  • When is your birthday?

4 thoughts on “biscuits, cupcakes, driveway workouts, and seven santas

  1. I love all the hats happening in your family gatherings. I do puzzles at home with my mom and just go with the flow. Work outs are done either at the gym or on my balcony / rooftop when it is nice out. And my bday is May 7th!