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fried feast & running proof

There are some pretty neat running photos in this post, but I had to put them at the end instead of the start… because nothing beats photos of deep-fried turkey.deep_fried_turkey_DSC0124The other night my family got out gallons of oil and a big ole’ hot bucket for a deep-fried feast. Things we deep fried include tater tots…2013-12-30Onion rings:onion_rings_DSC0113Wings:deep_fried_wings_DSC0117Ham:deep_fried_ham_DSC0156Okra:deep_fried_okra_DSC0155And pickles, but I think my hands were too greasy to hold the camera at that point. Here are the master chefs:_DSC0128I joined the kiddos as master taste tester._DSC0144Of all the fried goodness, I think the turkey and onion rings were my favorite!_DSC0162I was also in charge of the one thing we didn’t fry.green_salad_DSC0159Welcome to the South._DSC0166Okay, this is a running blog after all… so here is evidence I got out there and ran off all that grease ;).DSC04179Anthony joined me for five of my seven soggy miles yesterday morning.DSC04181We ran through some neighborhoods behind my house for a change of scenery. DSC04180At the end of my run I did some striders, which always make you feel extra-accomplished and extra-out of breath. I’m still in “off-season” mode and focusing on strength training more than speed work — so a few bursts of sprinting felt good!DSC04178Phew! That was fun.

Have a great start to your last week of 2013!

  • What’s your favorite fried food?
  • Last speed work you did?
  • What is your resolution for 2014?!

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11 thoughts on “fried feast & running proof

  1. Holy fried food!!! I love onion rings, never tried to fried turkey / ham bit! I did speed work today, 3×1600 supposed to be at 7:34. I hit it once and was just shy the 2nd 2. I am totally okay with it though because I haven’t done a speed work out in 3 weeks.

    Resolutions for 2014… stay injury free and run all year! I have actually never ran an entire year. Last year was the knee and the year before that I ditched running in summer because I couldn’t handle the heat!