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a usual run & an unusual pasta

Happy New Year! I want to kick off 2014 with some thank yous…  first, to you readers. For visiting, reading, and sharing over the past year. Second,  to New Balance and DC Runster for mentioning me in their blogs yesterday! It’s been a really fun year of blogging, and I hope 2014 is even better :).

A non-thank you to Bluehost, which crashed for a while yesterday. Here’s  yesterday’s post, for those who might have missed it!

Back to our usual programming: A run!IMG_1947Anthony and I covered about six brisk miles on a wooded path. It was so sunny I was squinting the whole time.IMG_1949We really pushed it for a strong last mile, which felt great! Gasping for air can be a good thing.IMG_1948I do miss my DC trails a little bit, but the warmer Tennessee weather has been pretty nice!

Since it’s Rabbit Rabbit Day, here’s a relevant recipe we made the other day… RABBIT ragu!rabbit_ragu_DSC0171Anthony lived in Italy for years and I lived in Spain for a bit — so when we saw rabbit for sale at this odd international market the other day, we were flooded with memories of eating “conejo” and “coniglio”! Although I was hesitant to purchase raw dead rabbits, Anthony picked them right up. What a guy.

And then there he was, stir-frying them with a smile.rabbit_ragu_DSC0169

We loosely followed this recipe from Emeril, who never lets us down. The only tough part of the adventure was picking out allllllllll the little rabbit bones from the cooked meat. Erm…rabbit_ragu_DSC0172The result:rabbit_ragu_DSC0176Pretty good! It definitely had a different (but not bad) flavor. I think I prefer beef when it comes to ragu, but trying out some rabbit was a fun experiment!

Salad on the side, of course.rabbit_ragu_DSC0179Have a great 2014!

  • Have you ever eaten rabbit?
  • Do you finish your runs fast, or finish slow?
  • New Year’s resolutions?

8 thoughts on “a usual run & an unusual pasta

  1. Yes tell us where did you get that jacket from?? It’s adorable! I’ve never had rabbit but I’ve heard its good! I usually finish my runs really fast. I like to do negative splits!