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500 ab exercises and some pho

Morning! What’s on your plate today? _DSC0197The usual egg-cheese-and-jam for me. Such a winning combination! Served with the Mug of Truth._DSC0198Let’s get straight to the pain. Yesterday’s workout: 30 minutes of stair climbing, power walking, and sprinting… AND  Anthony’s killer “500-abs” workout. Ready for this?500_ab_workout_2I thought if I put polka dots behind it, it would seem less painful.

In other news, we had a wonderful Asian eating adventure last night! We headed to Siam Pad Thai for Thai/Vietnamese fusion food. Spring rolls to start!rice_paper_rolls_DSC0187Anthony went for drunken noodles, which were fiery but yummy.drunken_noodles_DSC0189And of course I went for PHO.beef_pho_DSC0191It’s my favorite!

Have a great Tuesday — stay dry, east coasters!

  • Do you like hot/spicy food or not?
  • Breakfast: sweet or salty?
  • Favorite ab exercise?

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9 thoughts on “500 ab exercises and some pho

  1. No amount of polka dots can make the side plank dips or mountain climbers better! Haha. I like reverse crunches the best. And yes to spicy food!

  2. That ab workout looks seriously though. Perhaps I’ll try it this weekend after my run…..I am taking body pump today, and that man has some CRAZY ab work at the end.

    You are about the 3rd blog I’ve read this morning with an english muffin in it! I’m going to have to get one in my life. I love the jam and runny egg combo, but I skip the cheese and go heavy on the hot sauce.