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my top five Bosu ball exercises

Happy Friday! Let’s kick it off with a five-part list dedicated to my most recent love: the Bosu Ball. Not only is this half-flat, half-round inflatable an excellent core strength builder, but it’s also a fun source of unstable entertainment.IMG_1934

Here are my top five favorite Bosu ball exercises. Try them out!

1. The medicine ball wood chop (you can also do this with a machine)bosu_chop2. Plankbosu_plank3. Squat (ideally you could go lower than me!)bosu_squat_24. Russian twistbosu_russian_twist5. Single leg bridgebosu_leg_liftI’m convinced that regular core work (including these exercises) has helped me become a stronger, less injury-prone runner.

Hopefully my star photos were informative — if not, check out the videos I linked! (I would create videos for you, but I’m definitely not that camera-ready yet).

The real star of this post is actually these Greek mini meatloaves that we made last night.greek_meatloaves_DSC0203We followed this Cooking Light recipe, and it was delicious. The mini loaves (aka meatballs cooked in a muffin tin) are a mix of lamb and beef, and the “tzatziki” sauce is made of yogurt. greek_meatloaves_DSC0201Our only criticism is that this recipe is not “quick and easy” like it suggests. It took us over an hour to prepare all the sauces and mix the meat up! Good thing we had Anthony, my dad, my mom, and myself all working together to form the feast. What a team.

Have a great weekend!

  • Have you ever eaten lamb?
  • How long do you usually spend making dinner?
  • Do you ever do Bosu ball exercises?

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12 thoughts on “my top five Bosu ball exercises

  1. I love using the bosu! Definitely makes core workouts more difficult! I did a great arms class for awhile and one week we spent 30 minutes balancing flat side up on the bosu while doing punches and arm curls. Yikes!

  2. Fun! I’ve seen people do burpees with them too. And yesterday I saw a video of a Games athlete doing pistol squats with a barbell overhead on one….. hahahaha.. I’m not going to try that!!!!

  3. Try around the world on the ball! Put it round side down, stand on it, grab a medicine ball / weight, and go above your head down to one side around to the middle and up. Then repeat on the other. LOVE.

    And you are perfectly adorable and camera ready!

  4. good to see you back here kerryn- woreendd where you had disappeared to!! I’ve been doing some similar cardio workouts and I love it! Sitting on a bike, treadmill or x trainer etc for more than about 10 mins drives me crazy! Yet I can get on and off and work up a jolly good sweat for more than an hour with this sort of routine- the time just flies and I find it good on the injury front too! not too much repetitive strain on any one body part!