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birthday WOD + more fried goodness

Hiya! I hope you’ve loaded up on vitamin C today — if not, go grab a grapefruit. It’s got 73% of your recommended daily vitamin C intake._DSC0298Since I’ve been fighting a cold for the past few days, I’m going grapefruit crazy.

Another thing that definitely helps you reach healthy goals: tons of fried food.deep_fryer_DSC0286Anthony’s birthday was yesterday! And in his 30-year-old wisdom/desperation, he requested another fried feast. Per your recommendations from the other day, we fried shrimp!fried_shrimp_DSC0292… and grilled cheese?fried_grilled_cheese_DSC0289Just in case that wasn’t enough for our tummies, I whipped up a super rich dark chocolate cake, too :)._DSC0283                                                                  This bittersweet chocolate molten cake recipe was pretty good! _DSC0295Just because it was Anthony’s birthday didn’t mean he was entirely off the hook, though. He was in charge of the cocktails.caipirinha_DSC0276                                        Caipirinhas for all!

To keep track all of our running and fried food eating in the future, I gave Anthony a FitBit Force for his birthday :).fitbit_force_DSC0273Speaking of fit — here was our birthday workout! I rallied my former CrossFit self to make up a WOD just for Anthony’s special day.30thbirthdayWODWe followed this little number with a 15-minute “ab blaster” from Nike Training Club…and now I’m sore.  Stay strong today!

  • What was the last fried thing you ate?
  • Do you have a fitness/food tracker, gadget, or app?
  • What kind of cake is your favorite?!

8 thoughts on “birthday WOD + more fried goodness

  1. The fried grilled cheese looks so good!
    No fitness tracker…just a running log I fill out myself
    Cake: carrot cake! But I don’t like cream cheese frosting, so it’s hard to find a good one.

  2. I had a grapefruit this morning too! It was so tasty I had to stop myself from bringing one to work because I didn’t think future alanna would appreciate the sticky desk and keyboard that would have been inevitable.