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seven miles & a sweet treat

Hi friends! Happy Friday!! As you’re sitting at work/home/school/the metro/your hideout reading this, I’m on a plane to Chicago. Until I get there, let’s savor my last Tennessee run:IMG_1979Yesterday I covered a little more than seven miles under ominous but pretty skies. All I could hear was my footfalls, my breath, and the wintery wind. It was pretty peaceful.

I wonder how many things this pulchritudinous tree has seen? I have no dendrology degree but I would say it’s at least 100 years old. (Can you tell I frequent dictionary.com for great finds?)IMG_1980I ended with some striders and Bosu madness FTW!IMG_1983Actually, you know what makes the best ending? A big bowl of ice cream.ice_cream_1987The fam and I headed to Jeni’s for a last hoorah yesterday. Cold ice cream on a cold night? We’re still smiling.IMG_1988See you from Chicago!

  • Have you ever done striders? If so, how often?
  • Last new word you learned?
  • Last call: Recommendations for things to do/places to run/spots to eat in Chicago?

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9 thoughts on “seven miles & a sweet treat

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Love the pictures! Especially the ice cream one :) I do indeed run strides 3-4 times per week including before my workouts. They are so important to your training, they allow your legs to get used to moving fast to prepare for finishing strong at the end of the race. They also provide turnover, which is in short supply when doing marathon/long distance training. I definitely recommend everyone to do strides, as much as I dont enjoy them as I do them, they have done wonders for my training, along with some running drills.

  2. Striders are part of my current training plan…don’t like them but know that they can help me get to my sub 3 marathon goal!
    I love running around Lake Michigan when I visit Chicago and refueling with deep dish pizza! Stay warm out there!

  3. Saw that picture of ice cream and thought, “that looks like Jeni’s!” And then it was :-) So funny to see you eat at there. That started as a small stand here in Columbus and has grown to be a pretty large brand! Love all the flavors there, particularly the Salty Caramel. Hope you loved it!

  4. Is it your first time in Chicago? The Bean at Millennium Park, Navy Pier, and the Magnificent Mile (shopping!) are touristy but fun to see! Make sure to get deep dish pizza–Giordanos is a good one! Have fun!

  5. I lived in Chicago for most of my life. Obviously running near the lake is great.

    As far as restaurants go, I would recommend hitting Little Goat Diner for any meal. I had the best breakfast of my life there a few weeks back but they are open all day and night. You can also go to their nicer restaurant across the street called Girl and the Goat. It is pretty much the top restaurant in Chicago at this point. I would also recommend The Publican and Avec.