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slushy Chicago adventures

It feels like I wrote my last blog post about ten years ago — but it was just yesterday! Since we last spoke, I’ve boarded a plane and landed in Chicago, where adventure awaits.

First, let me tell you about this excellent and interesting article in Spirit magazine, about a crazy runner guy named “The Raven.”IMG_1989The Raven has run eight miles every day for 39 years. Wow. I’m by no means as dedicated as The Raven, but I did get a short, speedy run in when we landed! I wanted to go outside, but I was half asleep, didn’t know where I was, and it was pouring rain…IMG_1996So, treadmill it was. At least I got to pretend I was outdoors while staring at this screen for 25 minutes.IMG_199825 minutes may not seem like much, but it was intense. The gameplan: 5-minute warmup, 10 minutes 7:03 pace, 5 minutes 7:08 pace, and 5 minutes 6:58 pace. Phew!

I also made time for a quick manicure :) with the bride-to-be!IMG_1992After I got a gel (non-chip) manicure for my wedding, I’m a diehard gel fan over the normal manicure. Lasts so much longer, and I don’t have to worry about scrubbing dishes, touching zippers, clawing people, etc.

Anyways, back to Chicago: We headed to Portillo’s, which I think is pretty much a citywide staple here.portillos_chicago_DSC03811My mom and I shared a whopper Italian beef sandwich…portillos_chicago_DSC03813and a monumental Italian salad!portillos_chicago_DSC03814If you’re wondering how I fit in so many things into one day, it’s because we woke up at 4:25 yesterday. I admit that I gave into a power nap, too :).

Then, back to sleep and up early! This time I ran outside.IMG_2009I was looking for a group to run with nearby, and the Chicago Area Running Association website gave me lots of ideas! I saw that the New Balance Lincoln Park store had a Saturday run, so I showed up wondering if I would meet a runner or two.newbalance_lincoln_pakr_chicago_IMG_2005And I did! One sole run leader was there, and apparently the rest of the group bailed! Which meant I got a personal running tour through the city. IMG_2006Brent (who works for New Balance) kept a great pace with me (about 8:00), and took me along the trail near the lake. There were a ton of other runners out, too — many of which he knew! The running groups here seem really friendly and tight-knit, and Brent knew a lot about the Chicago running scene, shoes, gear, races… you know, all that geeky running stuff.IMG_2007We ran through slush, puddles, and a bit of snow…IMG_2008Good route, company, and conversation — plus some tips and stories from a Chicago native. I’m glad I ventured out to run with a new people (well, person!).

All in all I covered about 11 miles — 6 solo, and 5 with my temporary New Balance team.IMG_2002A bit frigid, but mostly just fun. Up next: Deep-dish pizza, family festivities, and a wedding! See you soon!

  • Have you ever run with a stranger?
  • Ever fallen/slipped on ice or snow while running?
  • Any good articles you’ve read lately?

5 thoughts on “slushy Chicago adventures

  1. Never run with a stranger! Our small town has a little running group that meets in the summer but I was too shy to try it this year. I will have to next summer.

    The park in Chicago is a great place to run. I wish I had fit it in when I was there last. Next time! And now with the tip about the NB store, I’ll have to look that up.

    • you should try it out! all runners are shy, weird, and/or awkward so everyone is scared too ;). the NB club just started this year, from what he told me — welcoming new members!