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chicago skies + wedding recap

Good morning from the Windy City!IMG_2027This morning I set out for my last Chicago jog. The city streets here have been pretty kind to me — minus a few icy spots! It’s finally warming up though, so this morning felt great to be outside.IMG_2030I covered about six miles — including a Miracle Mile!IMG_2033I did a simple out-and-back (so I wouldn’t get lost) and cruised around some quieter, more residential parts of the city. Cool bridge:IMG_2023And finally, some sunshine poking through this cloudy city!IMG_2021I’m heading back to DC tonight — but have so many Chicago stories to share before I go! Let’s start with PIZZA.giorodanos_pizza_DSC0324My family (minus Anthony — he’s been in DC all week, for those of you wondering what happened to that attractive Australian guy frequently featured here) ordered some Giordano’s FTW.giorodanos_pizza_DSC0325This pizza is almost as deep as it is wide. My carb- and cheese-loving self was all about this pie.

Speaking of love, let’s get to the main event: my cousin’s wedding! The brides:DSC03862

After a touching ceremony, cocktail hour began! A ton of little snacks were passed around — my favorite was this mini tomato soup + grilled cheese!_DSC0347For dinner, I had parmesan-crusted tilapia. Delish._DSC0358CAKE.wedding_cake_DSC0354And lots of unpictured wine and vodka tonics. DSC03843The rest of the night was basically this:_DSC0368That was fun. Have a great week!

  • Last wedding you went to?
  • Pizza: Deep dish or thin crust?
  • What was your run like today?!!


8 thoughts on “chicago skies + wedding recap

  1. I’ve never been to Chicago or had real Chicago-style pizza…it looks delicious! Did you suffer through the Polar Vortex, I heard that the temps were SO low there! The last wedding I went to was in September on Bald Head Island, NC. It was so beautiful and secluded!

  2. It’s not a complete visit to Chicago without a stop at Giordano’s! I’m signed up for the Zooma half this summer – can’t wait to go back!

    I love that cake! So simple and cool at the same time!

  3. 1.) Last Wedding I went to was my husband’s cousin’s wedding
    2.) Any type of Pizza I can get my hands on
    3.) My run has not happened yet!

  4. If you’re ever in the SF Bay Area, you need to head over to Berkeley/Oakland to get a deep dish pizza at Zachary’s. It’s legendary.