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Chicago food roundup

Hey there! I’m finally back in DC, but since I arrived around 1 a.m., so far I haven’t done anything here except sleep and make a coffee. It’s been incredible, but pretty un-photo worthy… so let’s step back in time to Chicago again, for a last roundup of foodie adventures._DSC0383Ready?

1. Turkey club sandwich at Butch McGuire’s — a perfect post-party brunch spot!butch_mcguires_chicago_DSC03752. Super-crisp Caesar salad at Dinotto, where we went before we saw comedy at Second City. (yes, that’s an anchoive you spot!)dinotto_chicago_DSC0389followed by super rich, extra cheesy lasagna.dinotto_chicago_DSC03943.  We went on a walking tour, where a Chicago native recommended we try The Gage — and order a Scottish egg. Hardboiled egg embedded in sausage, battered, and deep fried? Sign me up.the_gage_Chicago_DSC0410and while we’re at it, might as well go for a venison burger too :). It was huge, but I think the extra-large pickle was equally breathtaking!the_gage_Chicago_DSC04144. Per reader Melissa’s recommendation, we stopped at The Publican for a final drink.the_publican_chicago_DSC0419It was a super cool restaurant (located in the old meatpacking district) which had an interesting meat- and cheese-focused menu. We had to try the pork rinds! Never had anything like ’em. the_publican_chicago_DSC0422My parents and our family friends — my wild weekend party team._DSC0420And lastly, I should mention that we visited the Federal Reserve and I became a hundred dollar bill.unnamed

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  • How do you find new places to eat?
  • Ever tried venison?
  • Since this post has nothing to do with running — tell me about your run today!

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4 thoughts on “Chicago food roundup

  1. I once tried venison chili by accident at a bar in Wisconsin on New Year’s Day. It was part of a buffet and it looked just like beef! It wasn’t bad but I haven’t eaten venison again since.

    No run today. I’m nursing an injured knee. : (

  2. Venison is one of my favorite meats and it’s very good for you because it’s lean. I’ve heard people try grilling it on kebabs with veggies but I haven’t tried it yet. I either roast it or fry it. That food looks amazing. 5 miles for me today!!

  3. I like to use the Yelp app to find new places, but it’s not always super location accurate if you don’t know the area well. That food looks amazing, especially the lasagna!!