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back-to-back DC runs

Morning, team! My time back in DC got off to a slow, sleepy start yesterday — but after a few hours of unpacking and catching up, I was itching to get outside for a run.IMG_2052Well, that’s not completely true. It was pretty gloomy out, and I have a really hard time motivating myself to exercise later in the day. I was thisclose to calling off my run entirely… but knew that once I started moving, I’d feel better!

And I was right. Eight speedy miles by the Mall. Done!lincoln_memorial_2054I ran through this random fleet of birds who were going crazy. Believe it or not, I’ve actually had birds poop on me TWICE in the last few months (?!) so I ran extra fast with my hands over my head when they flew over me. I looked pretty cool.IMG_2055Anyways, it was a good little jog after all — just took a bit of an extra push to get started :).

And before I knew it, I was back at Lincoln this foggy morning!DSC04186Anne and I met up for a super-early six-miler. It was dark and muggy, but we made the most of it!DSC04188Again, the idea was, “this sort of sucks at the start, but it’s going to feel great at the end.” Truth.

We could barely see over Key Bridge!DSC04183We caught up on the past MONTH since I’ve been gone forever — which made the miles fly by (well, at least the downhill miles flew by).DSC04185Thanks for getting me back out there, Anne! So good to be back on my local streets with a local running friend — even in the darkest, earliest, and foggiest of days :).

Stay dry out there!

  • Are you a morning runner or evening runner?
  • How do you motivate yourself to run?
  • What’s the longest time you’ve been away from home?

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14 thoughts on “back-to-back DC runs

  1. The skies were UGLY today! Way to get out there! Also welcome homeeeee. I prefer 3pm for running : ) So my answer is in the middle. How do I motivate… Seeing as my marathon is only 8 or 9 weeks out I don’t have the option of skipping, I don’t want to die during the race! Longest time away from home since I had my own apartment is probably only 10 days or so. Basically 2 weekends and a week at my parents, I get so antsy!

  2. Nice, beautiful runs! It was so foggy out this morning, which made running feel extra spooky. I’m definitely a morning runner. Through and through. Longest time I’ve been away from home (as a real adult) was when I went to my former home in Singapore. A little of 2 weeks with 1/2 of that spent on a plane or jet lagged.

  3. I’m definitely an evening runner! For some reason I just cannot handle morning running! The longest I’ve been away from home is probably 1 month when I went to Thailand!

    • i KNOW! oh well, my running motivation (and general life motivation) is zero in the afternoon, no matter how sunny… which is why i’m sipping a much-needed latte at bayou right now.

  4. A morning runner! Except right now..I’m about to go run, and it’s 4pm.
    Wow, those birds must have incredible aim to hit a [quickly] moving target. Once a bird pooped on my head when I was IN THE CAR with the window open about 3 inches. It just flew in and pooped on my head.