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five favorites of late

I love reading other bloggers’ lists of “Friday Favorites,” “Things I’m Loving,” “New Finds,” and so forth — and figured it was time to put together a list of five of my favorite things of late, too! I can’t promise I’ll whip up five new finds every week, but I’d love to keep adding to the list in the future… anyways, here goes!

1. Swiftwick Aspire socksswiftwick_socks_DSC0014These ultra-low, ultra-comfy socks are wonderful! They don’t slip down or get stuck in your shoe; they’re not too thick or squishy, making you feel light and fast. Right up there with Balega as my favorite sock brand — with extra points because Swiftwick is a company based in my hometown!

2. PentatonixptxI watched some of The Sing-Off while I was home, and my mom told me about this awesome winner from a couple seasons ago! I’ve been streaming Pentatonix on Spotify non-stop. I’m on and off with music while I run, but when I do listen to it, they’re really upbeat and fun to jam to as you run.

3. Trader Joe’s skin/hair productstrader_joes_spa_products_DSC0008I’m pretty picky when it comes to soap and conditioner, and typically buy the same brands over and over — but recently branched out to try some TJ products! My love started with this Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner and snowballed to include the Spa face wash and hand soap.

4. Twistband hair tiestwistband_hair_tie_DSC0025When I’m not running, my hair is usually still in a ponytail — and these adorable little ties are a comfortable, cute, and practical way to hold my hair in place for everyday wear. I love the little bow/knot and also appreciate that these little bands don’t leave a deep crease in my hair.

5. My new computer! (Samsung ATIV Book 9)_DSC0018Anthony shocked me with a new computer for Christmas! Though I loved my old Mac, it was starting to get cumbersome to carry around — and difficult to use for a work-at-home girl. My new Samsung has been a dream (and Windows 8 has been quite an adventure!). The new comp is sleek, light, fast, and easy to tote around.

  • What’s one thing (running or non-running) you’ve been loving lately?
  • What’s your go-to sock brand?
  • What type of computer do you have?

7 thoughts on “five favorites of late

  1. I loooove Pentatonix!!
    Running love: a pair of underarmour gloves I found in my closet today; they kept my hands at the perfect temperature while running
    Non-runing love: Once Upon a Time on Netflix!

    • oh really? we used to watch that show but got too confused by all the story lines. we’re really into house of cards (also netflix) right now! :)

  2. I love the twistband hair ties. I was a bit skeptical at first, because I thought they would break or slip out, but they work great! So many fun colors too. I’ve been loving my new Ogio athletic bag (it goes everywhere with me), I wear Balega socks, and I compute on an Apple MacBook Pro W/retina.