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hills for breakfast, fish for dinner

Some of you might be familiar with the phrase “I eat hills for breakfast.”89804e55ef44d409b6df5380cd80ffa6                                                                           Today, it was true! First, this hill ten times…IMG_2062Then, this beast five times.IMG_2063I’m not a huge fan of hills, but at least I had Anthony around to help get me out the door and tackle this monster. He joined me for a mile warmup, and then headed out for his own run (for some reason he didn’t want to join me for repetitive hill torture?). ps I have no idea what those green dots are on him? Looks like snipers were after us this morning.IMG_2060After my hilly adventure, I headed to the gym for some stunts with my favorite Bosu ball etc. After lots of running, squats, lunges, calf raises, bridges, and wall sits, it’s safe to say my legs are fried. It feels bad, but good. You know?IMG_2064Hills for breakfast… fish for dinner! _DSC0403I tried this Food Network recipe: Broiled halibut with pea puree, with one major difference: I didn’t use halibut! That stuff is $26 a pound, which is a bit expensive for a Tuesday night dinner, you know? We used a white fish called paiche instead, which was similar and on sale :)._DSC0405Pea puree was pretty fun to make — and way more fun to eat than boring old peas. I also whipped up a “harvest grain blend” from Trader Joes for some extra staying power. Even though this dinner looks fancy, it was actually quite easy!_DSC0408We’d give this a 9/10 overall. Easy, yummy, healthy, and semi-cheap, if you can find a fish on sale :).

Now, off to work! Have a wonderful day!

  • What types of fresh fish do you usually buy?
  • Hills: yay or nay? Do you do hill repeats?
  • Last time you were really really sore?

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9 thoughts on “hills for breakfast, fish for dinner

  1. I really like Cod but I think salmon is my favorite my sister fixes it perfect kind’ve seared and crispy on the outside but flaky and tender on the inside! I love doing hills but I really only do them once a week. Last times when I was the most sore was when I did a tabata workout and I swear I did a thousand jump squats. I couldn’t walk for days, just waddle! :)