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reviews: ride DC, the paris wife, and spreadable cookies

Morning and happy Friday! My morning started off super sweaty — thanks to a ride at RIDE DC, a new studio on 14th and Florida.DSC04190RIDE DC opened in the old Peleton cycling studio space — next to CrossFit Praxis (my old box!). They asked me, on behalf of Active Life DC, to come in for a free ride.

RIDE has a really cute, clean, and welcoming studio — much nicer than the grungy CrossFit box next door ;). There are cubbies for your things and a really nice bathroom (no shower). DSC04191The cycling space itself has nice big windows and hosts 20 bikes. My 7:00 am class had about ten people in it — pretty good turnout for a Friday morning!photoClass kicked off right on time, and our instructor Shafer had us pedaling hard from the get-go. I was a sweaty mess by the end of the first song!

The 45-minute class flew by. Shafer had some awesome girly rock and dance songs playing, and had us doing lots of climbs and sprints. Like I’ve noticed at a couple other studios recently, our class incorporated light dumbbell exercises for our arms and shoulders, too. Full-body workout! One thing I really liked about Shafer was that he frequently got off his bike and walked around the room to cheer us on and correct our form (as opposed to other instructors who sit on their bike and shout the whole time).

The BIG difference about RIDE compared to other area studios? This:DSC04195Each bike hosts a little gadget that tells you how hard you’re working. And not only does it tell you — it tells the whole class! There’s a big “leader board” screen in the front of the room that displays a live feed of how hard everyone is working. Bikes are numbered, and you can see where your bike ranks compared to everyone else!

The leaderboard trick definitely brought out my more competitive side and encouraged me to push myself harder than I would have otherwise.  After class, I even got an email with my workout stats from the class! How high tech.

I thought RIDE DC was definitely one of the best studios I’ve tried out so far (you can check my reviews of Revolve, Stroga, and Off Road). The high-tech gadgetry was super motivating; the staff was welcoming; the studio was clean and organized. And as you can see below, I clearly worked up a good sweat.DSC04196The only drawbacks of this studio that I can think of: there’s no shower, the instructors have no mic (update: the mic is actually broken, but should be working within a week), and there’s only one class offered earlier than 7 am (for all you other early birds/people who have to get to work early). Other perks like free clip-in shoes and water aren’t included either (free towels are!) — but at $120/month for unlimited rides, you’re still getting a pretty good deal for the area.

In the end, I think I have to give RIDE DC a 9 out of 10 for its sweat-tastic-ness. I’ll have a more thorough review coming up on Active Life soon — stay tuned! Thanks for having me, RIDE!

Review #2: The Paris Wife!photo_1Our book club met last night for some lovely literary discussion (and gossip). Cheese to fuel it all.photo_4Laetitia (of French Twist DC!) hosted us. She had some awesome snacks on hand — including this cookie butter, which I’ve always wanted to try! It is heaven.photo_2The five club members in attendance had some pretty varied opinions on The Paris Wife — I actually really enjoyed it, but other girls hated it! Luckily we could all agree on the joy of wine, cheese, and spreadable cookies.

Have a great weekend!

  • Last book you read?
  • Locals: what’s your favorite cycling studio?
  • Plans for the weekend?!

16 thoughts on “reviews: ride DC, the paris wife, and spreadable cookies

  1. I have just read Wide Sargasso Sea for my English class and it’s just ok. It’s similar to Jane Eyre in some way. Plans for the weekend!! 11 mile run and a date w/ friends to see Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit! :)

  2. We could have run right into each other this morning! I was running home from a 6:00 spinning class at the Y just before 7.

  3. I love Shafer! When I was a member of the Bethesda Equinox, I would also try to make his spin class. He is tough, but so much fun and approachable.

  4. I walk by that studio twice a day and have always wondered what it was like! Looks awesome. I’m not going to spend the next week trying to figure out how I can fit it into my budget, along with yoga…
    Also, TJs cookie butter is the bomb.com.

  5. Thanks to your photo of the cookie butter, I jumped on ebay and snagged a jar on a whim. hope it lives up to your recommendation (and I have no doubt it will – excited). :o)

  6. I’m not gonna lie, I’d be WAY too intimidated to do a a spin class that put my stats out there with everyone else’s. I know a lot of studios do that, but I’d take my instructor who sits on the bike and yells over being embarrassed any day haha!