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dinner at ghibellina, half of a marathon, and a weekend with bernie

Good morning! Happy Sunday-that-feels-like-Saturday-because-we-have-tomorrow-off-of-work. Let’s start with a big pizza and then move on to a half marathon, shall we?

On Friday, Anthony and I headed to Ghibellina for an awesome dinner. Since we stopped in there for happy hour a while back, we’ve been wanting to come back and try out the food, too!DSC04200While we waited for our table (no reservations accepted), we sat by the window and sipped amazing cocktails. Life is hard.DSC04202Pretty soon, we were seated at a cozy little table and greeted by the nicest server! Since I was a waitress back in the day, I’m always picky about service etc. Anyways, let’s get to the FOOD. First, an escarole salad with a side of creeper man.DSC04203-001(It looks like there’s calamari or something on the salad, but that’s just really bitter, curly purple lettuce!)

Next, we shared a trio of power: pizza, pasta, and meat. Doesn’t get better than that. We thought the beef ragu was pretty good, but perhaps a bit too “al dente.”  It kind of tasted like glorified hamburger helper… in a good way.DSC04207-001Up next: marinara pizza — without cheese! Okay, the story is that our we were curious about the cheeseless pizza but weren’t ready to commit to it all the way. So, our server convinced the chef to give us half with cheese, half without. DSC04210-001I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the cheeseless part was really, really good! See that fresh basil? Yum.

Bonus points because the pizzas are served with a pair of scissors. Arts and crafts meets upscale dinner.DSC04213-001The best thing we had: “chicken cooked under a brick.” This photo doesn’t really do it justice, but it was just so wonderful.DSC04208Super crispy, blackened outside — super flavorful and moist inside!

We loved our experience at Ghibellina and will definitely be back. It was a bit bigger and busier than our favorite little wine bar/Italian spot Maple, but still a wonderful place to unwind with good food and drinks.

All the carbs and wine made great fuel for a long, cold, and windy run the next morning…DSC04217Miriam and I met up for lots of miles on Saturday morning. She had a whopping 20 miles to cover, so I joined her for some! We took these awesomely sunny, smudgy, squinty selfies. Perfect.2014-01-18Our route included a small “tour de Arlington” which included painful hills on the Custis trail and a couple miles on the W&OD trail.DSC04218Then, we went back through busy streets to Teddy Roosevelt Island and then to Key Bridge, where I dropped Miriam off so she could head back to DC!DSC04230I was supposed to run for and hour and 45 minutes total, but when I hit that point I was less than a mile away from clocking in a half marathon… so I went for it.Dedicated to #MegsMiles (read more here). Prayers for her family.DSC04231Miriam and I had said we’d try to stick to an 8:30 pace — and nailed it! Especially considering the wind and hills. Even better is that we had a lot of fun chatting about life, running, work, relationships, food, and all those other random topics that you can discuss in depth when you’ve got hours to pass with nothing to do but move your legs.

Anthony and I spent the rest of Saturday doing errands/cleaning and then watching Weekend at Bernie’s. 25027818The 80s were an interesting time. And this movie was the best.

Have a relaxing Sunday!

  • Did you do a long run this weekend? Tell me about it.
  • Cheeseless pizza: yay or nay?
  • Best 80s movie you’ve ever seen?

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10 thoughts on “dinner at ghibellina, half of a marathon, and a weekend with bernie

  1. I did a first 11 miles this weekend! And it was warm here 55 degrees! Score! Cheese less pizza sounds really good! Darn it, Mary you’ve got me hungry for pizza now! :)

  2. Nineteen (hilly, cold, windy, but FUN) miles with my group from the Barcroft area (Falls Church) to Burke Lake. The parts where I feared for my life because there were no shoulder or sidewalks were very memorable. :)