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11 miles before sunrise + spicy sun-dried tomato soup

Morning! If you have today off of work, I hope you’re still asleep right now — and if you do have to work today, here’s a post to distract you from doing your job :).

Anthony and I actually aren’t working today, but still woke up before 5 a.m. to run with some crazy awesome DC Road Runners people. It was dark, but luckily we had plenty of bright gear and some headlamps to guide the way! I love all the reflectivity going on in this photo.DSC04254We set off at 5:15 and headed down the Custis trail, across Key Bridge, to the Mall. A blurry Lincoln:DSC04244Quiet Potomac River.DSC04246And a fast pack of guys (yes those blobs are people) who led the way.DSC04245We stuck between 8:00- and 8:30-minute miles the whole way — pretty good considering how hilly the Custis trail is! I was asleep for the first six miles and then in “we’re-on-the-homestretch”-mode last five… so it was all over before I knew it.

Eleven miles DONE, before sunrise. Feels good. (also, I’ll be taking a nap shortly)DSC04256Since all of my photos from this morning are dark and blurry, let’s lighten up the mood with some bright red soup!tomato_soup_DSC0025After I made this spicy sundried tomato soup for book club a while back, I’d been wanting to make it again. We’ve been having some dreary weather lately, so the soup gods were calling my name. I love this recipe because it’s easy, cheap, healthy, and extremely delicious (if you can take the heat!). I topped mine with Greek yogurt — other ideas include croutons, cheese, and/or avocado.

We paired our soups with melty turkey paninis (like the ones we made here and here).panini_DSC0018A bit of wine might have slipped into our glasses too. (who says sandwiches can’t be fancy?)panini_DSC0019For dessert, we had an intense round of scopa and an episode of Modern Family._DSC0010It’s been a good weekend, and I’m glad it continues on today!

  • What’s your favorite card game?
  • Do you have a headlamp?
  • Spicy food: yay or nay?

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13 thoughts on “11 miles before sunrise + spicy sun-dried tomato soup

  1. A 5:15am run on an extra day off?! Go you!
    Euchure is my favorite card game, but I also like Munchkin, Bohnanza, and [recently] Catan!

  2. Good for you; impressive mileage for a Monday! I do not have a headlamp but probably should get one. Also good that you were with a group; I don’t know if I would run at 5am alone in the winter (yet I would in the summer when it gets light earlier). That soup looks fabulous!

  3. Nice to run with you this morning, Mary! No one ever answers my blog questions, so I’ll answer yours: 1. Euchre 2. You know the answer 3. Spicy but not too spicy. Hope we can run together again in the future :)