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icy roads, spicy enchiladas

Hello!IMG_2107Running outdoors wasn’t really possible this morning because the roads looked like this:IMG_2110I almost face planted on our 0.2 mile walk to the gym! On the plus side, when we got to Gold’s it was pretty much empty.IMG_2106I spent 20 minutes on the stairmaster with Zack…IMG_2105and then did this tough 50-rep workout from PB Fingers. Thanks for the great workout, Julie! (and thanks for taking this winning photo, Anthony)IMG_2095All this cold weather means I haven’t been in the mood for my usual cold salad creations. Lots of hot spicy soup going on here lately — and a big hot pan of spicy enchiladas!!enchiladas_DSC0042We made these Skinnytaste not-as-bad-for-you enchiladas a while back and loved them — so, last night I whipped up Round Two!enchiladas_DSC0035We had extra chicken on hand (and thus not enough sauce), so we tossed in some of this Hatch sauce, too. It’s not as yummy as the homemade one, but still pretty good if you’re facing an enchilada emergency (very common from what I hear)._DSC0033The result:enchiladas_DSC0052Really really good — especially when scooped up with refried beans!enchialdas_DSC0047The trick this time was to slow-cook the chicken in the crockpot first, then shred it up. The method made the chicken extra moist, and extra flavorful. enchiladas_DSC0046A gym that’s empty and a plate full of Mexican food? This snowed-in thing isn’t so difficult after all.

  • Last Mexican dish you ate?
  • Favorite app/blog/site to get workouts from?
  • If you were one character from Saved by the Bell, who would you be?

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12 thoughts on “icy roads, spicy enchiladas

  1. Nice 50 rep work out!! BTW I saw you walking to the gym this morning! I was pulling into the parking garage! Your snow hopping was quite impressive!

  2. The roads were pretty bad here this morning, too. I drove in to work and almost didn’t get up the hill that’s right in front of my office. Definitely a good choice not to try to run outside this morning! And those enchiladas look great!

  3. I tried El Rey (9th/U) this past weekend. The tacos and sangria were decent. It will be a fun vibe come summer time – they have a retractable roof.