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On my run with Anne the other day, we started chatting about all things food — as one does when it’s 6 am, 15 degrees, and pitch black outside — and I was inspired to try two new trendy recipes! Let the culinary adventures begin.

First up, per Anne’s suggestion: an egg inside your oatmeal. YEP!blueberry_oatmeal_DSC0002Like her recipe suggests, I tossed the egg in with my oatmeal as it cooked on the stove, and stirred intensely. It turned out really well! You couldn’t really taste the egg, but the texture of the oats did seem a bit… fluffier? Not in a bad way; in an egg-cellent way.blueberry_oatmeal_DSC0006Egg in oatmeal = cool new way to make your oats higher in healthy fat + protein.

Another thing we talked about on our run that I’ve been meaning to try out: the popular “green juice/smoothie” that’s all the rage these days. So today I tested it out. The tools:

1. My beloved Vitamix
_DSC0056                                                          2. Some herby, zesty, and fruity ingredients (handful of kale, couple stalks of celery, handful of carrots; slice of ginger, juice of one lemon; half a small apple, half a pear):green_smoothie_DSC0067 3. A splash (maybe 1/4 C) of almond milk to get things going.green_smoothie_DSC0069My mix was similar to this recipe, this recipe, and this recipe — I basically just took a lot of leftover fruits/veggies that were starting to go bad, and threw ’em inside! Then, BLEND!!green_smoothie_DSC0073                                                        I stopped to taste a spoonful of my green experiment and found it delicious, yet a bit too herby for my amateur juicing tastebuds. And so I added a handful of blueberries to sweeten things up…. and watched my smoothie go from vibrant green to poopy brown._DSC0076Oh well — maybe if I put a lemon slice on the cup, you’ll think it’s prettier?green_smoothie_DSC0081But as long as you think it’s tasty — which actually, it is, in a herby, zesty way — that’s all that matters!green_smoothie_DSC0079                                                            Yum. Those foodie tricks were pretty fun to try out — I’d make both of these again!

  • Last food trend/craze you tried?
  • Green smoothie/juice: yay or nay?
  • Breakfast: Sweet or savory?

9 thoughts on “recent culinary adventures

  1. I really need to up my blender game. The thing can barely handle ice so I always have to blend for a few seconds then stir, blend, then stir. When I do make smoothies though I like to do fruit with hidden greens (like banana, strawberry, vanilla yogurt, and giant handful of spinach that I dont taste)

    • we used to have crappy blenders, and then put a vitamix as one of the first things on our wedding registry! it’s a dream :)

  2. I’ve never added an egg to my oatmeal! Do you think egg oats with peanut butter would be gross..? Not sure if I can give up the pb oats.

    baha I like how you described the unfortunate-looking smoothie transition

  3. Hahahah my favorite smoothie, which I drink every morning after a run, is also poopy brown!! I’ve been wanting to post the recipe to my blog, but then I keep having the internal conversation about really posting a recipe that features a poopy brown star. Maybe I’ll add a piece of fruit on the side and go for it. 😉