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snow running, finding the perfect hill, & a big bowl of broccoli soup

Snowy, but sunny!DSC04264I allllmost gave in to the treadmill this morning, but thought I’d take my chances on the snowy streets instead. Some were definitely un-runnable…DSC04265-001But most have been salted and shoveled! Perfect for a (mostly) slow and steady jog. Massive fur hat required — it’s 9 degrees outside.DSC04267The (mostly) slow part means I did a few sprints — ten to be exact. This hill, over and over and over and over x10. It’s not that steep, but it’s long!

By the way, if you’re looking to find your perfect hill(s) for repeats, here’s a RW article explaining the different type of workouts you can do on short/steep hills vs. long/gradual hills. Depending on what type of workout you’re after (and how many reps you’re doing), each repeat should last between 25 seconds (steeep!) and 2 minutes (looooong!).DSC04268And now I’m back home, blasting the heater and wearing four layers of sweatpants.

Sticking with yesterday’s food theme: staying warm, let’s pour out some more soup!broccoli_soup_DSC0061I’d been thinking about this broccoli white bean soup and wanted to give Anthony a taste (he was out of town when I made it the first time). (Also, email subscribers — apologies if you received the old broccoli soup post in your inbox yesterday! It somehow re-sent as I was updating it…)

Anyways, let’s be clear about this: This soup is really really good. Especially when topped with bacon.broccoli_soup_DSC0063Anthony and I both had eventful days at work yesterday and decided that beers were in order with dinner. YOLO.broccoli_soup_DSC0055This seriously might be one of my favorite meals of late! So easy, delicious, and healthy (and cheap!). Definitely a keeper.broccoli_soup_DSC0059Have a snowy, soupy day!

  • Local runners: favorite hills in the area? (I like 13th & U, Custis trail, Iwo Jima, and National Zoo)
  • Last soup you made?
  • Did you run inside or outside today?

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16 thoughts on “snow running, finding the perfect hill, & a big bowl of broccoli soup

  1. You wrote YOLO. I don’t think I’ve seen that on here. :) I had to hit the treadmill last night. Streets are still…eh. Your soup looks awesome!

  2. I’ve given up on running outdoors because a) it’s -20 in Toronto (-4 F) and windchill sends that down to the bad place where C and F are the same number. True story b) I fell on the ice, banged up my knee and shin like woah. So! Track run it is, hallelujah, shoot me now. Any tips for killing that boredom? I hit up podcasts to keep my brain alive, but I know I could be getting more out of the actual, you know, running part of it.

    New reader. Love the blog. Run on, girl! Get it!

    • thank you for reading! tips for track… hmm. i always save my best, happiest, jammiest music for my track runs. i have a collection of “track bands” that i only play when i run track — haha! helps get me in the zone. happy running and stay warm!

  3. I second Megan. I’m too much of a klutz to run outside right now. And Columbia Heights is getting majorly ignored with the salting… My favorite hills are: CT ave up to Tilden (passing by the zoo), the Calvert St hill and of course, 13th and U. brutal.

  4. And I’m complaining that it’s 42 out instead of the forecasted 47 hahaha, guess I should be happy it’s not snowy.
    I have a question! It seems like you make something different for dinner almost every night, what do you do with leftovers? Or do you make smaller batches of stuff?

    • we usually eat the same meal 2 nights in a row and/or anthony will take leftovers to work for lunch! typically we cook about 3 meals/week plus a big container of salad stuff that makes about 2-3 lunches for both of us.

  5. I like all the hills near Meridian Hill park; I’ll go up and down 11th, 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th a bunch of times. 13th and 15th are for steep, slower slogs, and then the others with less of a grade are good for faster pushes and recoveries!

  6. I’m catching up on old posts! I tried this broccoli soup back a few weeks ago when you first posted it. Not sure what I did wrong but it tasted like pureed baby food :( Was super disappointed cause it looks amazing here! I noticed it looks like you keep the beans whole…I pureed mine in with the broccoli, wonder if that makes a difference?

    • oh, bummer! no direct insight for why yours didn’t come out too good (other than maybe i like the taste of baby food? ha!) but yes — i reserved about a cup of soup with florets and some whole beans to up the texture. also be sure to add lots of cheese and bacon… that always helps :)